Harley’s Dream Billboard in Minnesota

WOO HOO!!! We are excited to announce that a Harley’s Dream billboard is now located just outside Little Falls, MN (only 8 miles from the largest puppy mill in Minnesota)!  The billboard will be up for 6 months and will be lighted at night. An average of 28,000 cars will pass by it each day. #HarleysDream #ENDpuppymills

If you want to see more billboards like this one, please consider making a donation to the Signs from Harley billboard campaign. Thank you for helping us carry on Harley’s mission! #HarleysDream #ENDpuppymills




  1. I’d love to see these across the country. The message is just enough to get people interested and not so much that people will tune out or just ignore them. Who can resist Harley in his cape? Even if the only thing people remember is the name Harley, they will Google it and then word will spread. What a great billboard campaign!


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