She feels Harley “right inside her heart”


Alexandra Beesley told us she feels Harley “right inside her heart” and that sentiment is absolutely undeniable when you look at these beautiful paintings she was inspired to create. They are such a wonderfully touching tribute to Harley! Alexandra lives in Australia and is an advocate for animals, a long-time supporter of Harley’s Dream and a very talented artist.







  1. Beautiful job and beautiful subject. So wish little Harley could have been with us longer

  2. ..
    thank you for sharing these exquisite heartfelt images of HARLEY ♥

    simply beautiful ♥

  3. so beautiful – it would be cool if they could be made into a print for postcards – would be a great way to spread #HarleysDream

  4. What a wonderful legacy for our Harley. Such a talented artist, and from so far away. Harley was loved by so many people, I can’t believe the love everyone had and still has for our hero.🐶🙏🏼❤️

  5. Harley touched so many lives….what a loving, wonderful tribute to him…. <3

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