Bring it on, Old Man Winter


“A dog can’t just nap the day away … sometimes a dog’s just got to lend a paw. The snow’s coming soon. Stacking this much firewood ain’t for sissies, nope. Dad and I got ‘er done. Bring it on, Old Man Winter!” -Fernando




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  1. Hi Fernando! Bet you are a great helper! Or maybe a supervisor to make sure Dad does it right.☺️

  2. Omg !!! That’s a whole lot of fire woods, Fernando. 😊🐶
    How long did it take for you and Dad to chopped it all up? You’re such a great helper to your Dad and I can see how much he loves you so dearly. Stay warm, Fernando cos winter season is already here and will be snowing quite a bit for a few months but it sure looks very pretty to look out especially up at the cabin and Dad is already all prepared with much needed firewood to keep everyone warm .😊🐶❤️❄️🔥

  3. Good boy, Fernando! Way to go — that looks like good wood. Warms you several times, right? When you cut it, when you split it, when you stack it, and when you burn it. Glad you’re learning to be a mountain strong dog!

  4. I cried when Harley passed but my heart is bursting with joy that his Ma & Pa are taking care of Fernando now. He isn’t a replacement, he is a channel through which all that love & compassion that Rudy and Dan have finds a worthy little man to give it to! Merry Christmas Taylor Family, all Rescuers, Fosterers & Adopters. May The New Year see more and more puppy farms closed down! Lots of love from Lynda & my 4 ex-breeding puppy farm survivors, living a life all dogs have a right to expect but many never experience 🐾🐾🐾🐾

  5. Your Dad Couldn’t Got The Job Done Without You Fernando,You Look Great. I Loved This Story!😊💙⛄❄

  6. Love you, Fernando! Great job of stacking that wood as winter closes in!

  7. This is just precious! Love you Fernando! You and daddy really did get ‘er dun! 😊🐶

  8. I must say that getting a blog notice from Harley’s Dream always brings a smile to my face or helps me learn something new. I just love this post. Stay warm, boys!

  9. Fernando, I LOVE your coat! It will keep you warm while you’re helping your dad chop the wood!

    • Fernando it looks like you fit the Taylor family like a glove. With winter upon us, you can really be a big help with dad and mom will spoil you with her special belly rubs. Welcome home Fernando. Love, Mary Ann.🐶🎄❤️

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