Harley has his own STAR!

We just learned that a “real” star has been named after Harley! WOW! Such a fun and UNIQUE tribute! The star is named Harley Taylor and its coordinates are:
RA: 10h36m30.51s DEC: +75°37’15.2″






  1. This is great news! We now have a star to look at when we need to look to Harley!

  2. Such a fitting tribute… Thank you Harley for always shining a light on the plight of puppy mill dogs everywhere! You were truly a beacon of hope for all! xoxox

  3. This is fabulous!! Harley is our Hero Star for sure!!! Now every time I look up in the sky, or even simply think about it, I will be feeling the Love From Harley and For Harley!!!

  4. OMG! This is awesome and for eternity! I got one for my Uncle and he cried when I gave it to him. He was so excited. I am so excited for one named in honor of Harley, a true hero! I will look it up.

  5. This Is So Wonderful, My Heart Sings I Am So Over Joyed, Merry Christmas Little Angel, My Hero!❄🌻💙🌻

  6. I bought a star from this company for my sister. Same coordinates. Explain?!?!

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