There’s something about Fernando

fernando-and-his-first-sweater-2He’s a funny guy! He acts funny, he looks funny and he even talks funny. He’s quiet and submissive, yet sometimes he’s noisy and pushy, he’s sweet, childish, lovable and sometimes grumpy. He makes people laugh. So often we’ve said, “Where on Earth did this silly little dog come from?” “He should have his own comic strip!”

Anyone who has adopted a dog not knowing its history has probably spent a lot of time wondering and speculating – trying to make sense of their dog’s behavior, and trying to guess the history of their new family member.

Fernando has many of the characteristics of a dog that spent its life in a cage, and quite possibly, as a breeder. Perhaps because he was old and couldn’t reproduce anymore he was dumped? Maybe he escaped? Who knows!

This we know about Fernando:
• He was not neutered when rescued
• He likely never received veterinary care
• His mouth was filled with rot, indicative of a dog that drank from a rabbit-type water bottle
• His spine is curved and he appears to have at least one previously ruptured disc
• His dew-claws were removed, probably at birth
• His voice is very odd and we suspect he was previously debarked
• He has a very strong flight response
• He seems to have a high tolerance for pain
• He didn’t understand about being “underfoot” and he clearly was not familiar with living loose in a home
• He’s very comfortable in a crate or cage or small enclosure (he has a playpen at our house)
• He has great fear of being suddenly touched on the face or neck – this may trigger a rage
• He isn’t familiar with belly rubs
• Fernando craves love and attention

Everything on the list is indicative of a dog that came from a puppy mill, a backyard breeder or at least lived in a cage for most his life. Fernando’s past might be a mystery, but there’s one thing we know for sure … he’ll be loved and cared for, for the rest of his life.

We’re tremendously grateful to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for saving Fernando’s life and giving him a second chance!

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  1. Oh boy darling. The bit that really upset me, is that sudden touches on his face or neck can trigger a rage. He has obviously suffered such cruel abuse. Thank heavens he can now learn about kind hands, love and maybe in time belly rubs. Xx

  2. Thank you to all who played a part in giving this little one a second chance. Secure in the fact that he is loved and very, very well taken care of now!

  3. I love you Fernando.. I hope one day you can come down to Vero Beach Florida and I can meet you in person. I was truly blessed to have met Harley there. God bless Rudi and Dan and National Mill Dog Rescue.
    May God please keep watch over all the dogs waiting to be rescued from these horrible Mills

  4. Such a beautiful, little soul…He should never have had to live like he did (no animal should) but thank heaven he ended up with you. Thank you for sharing his stories…

  5. What a handsome fella! He looks so comfortable. So happy that he has a loving family and home. Harley is smiling…

  6. This made be cry. Mostly because these are the things I see in my own puppy mill survivor. I pray one day I’ll be able to hold him and rub his belly. I’m content with knowing he is a happy silly dog who knows he’s loved and safe.

  7. Cried my eyes out reading this….I’m so happy for Fernando that he was saved by you:))))
    Love you Fernando my little baby xoxo

  8. Fernando, you have found the best possible home! Enjoy sweetie and we all love you!

  9. Fernando is so lucky to have you in his life. What a cutie. Take care of that little fellow.

  10. Fernando is a God’s creature where he was guided along with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and his beloved brother, Harley to make his way through from a busy street in San Francisco, California into making his freedom flight from California to Denver. God knows Fernando’s life matters greatly. I’m so greatful and thankful for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for rescuing Fernando; I am so happy for Rudi and Dan for adopting Fernando and for Harley’s guiding light to keep the dreams alive.

  11. I am so happy that the three of you found each others!!! xoxoxox

  12. I rescued a Chihuahua a few years back. IttyBitty had a funny bark too, he sounded like an old fashioned video game, his howl sounded like a rooster crowing. He’d had his larnyx crushed by his first owner. By the time I met him he was with his 2nd owners but I KNEW we belonged together.
    Those people gave him to a guy that wanted to breed him, but, when he wouldn’t breed to the female he wanted him to breed to he gave IttyBitty to me. That was in 2009, in 2012 he fell off our bed and broke his neck.
    We don’t have a vet here, the nearest one is about 50 miles away and at the time no emergency vet service at all. I held IttyBitty in my arms for a long, agonizing 45 minutes until he crossed the Bridge. I kept telling him he’d be ok at the Bridge, how much I loved him and would miss him, I still do. But, every once in awhile I hear his silly little bark and know he’s still with me.
    So, Ferdinand, keep up with your silly little bark, it makes you who you are and don’t be afraid of being loved.

    • How very sad. I’m sorry about your little guy. There are people in this world that are going to be judged very harshly in the next life. Those who abuse animals and children!

  13. Hi Fernando! Hi Rudi & Dan! I love Fernando and I’m so happy that Harley sent him to you. He knew that Fernando would have the best home ever. He’s so cute! I love that you share him with all of us.

  14. Hi Rudi, Dan, Fernando and the rest of the family!!!!! This little guy is the bomb!!! You look at him and he’s got GAME !!! Our Harley most assuredly sent him to you. To think of the life he lived and the life he has now is uncomparable. Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you !!!!!!!!

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