Run with Harley, Lola

Barbara Niven is a very kind and caring woman, and she is also an advocate for dogs. We saw her recently at the Hero Dog Awards and she asked to get a photo with Dan and I – and of course we were very honored! Barbara and I talked about our dogs and she showed me a photo on her phone of her bed with a small pen set up on it. The pen allowed her dogs to sleep with her, yet prevented them from falling during the night. I love her for sharing that with me … I could certainly relate. Oh, the things we do for our dogs!!

Sadly, on November 3rd Barbara’s precious Chihuahua, Lola, crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Barbara’s been on my mind a lot because of that. I know how loved and cherished Lola was. I think of what Dan told me after Harley passed away, “We wouldn’t feel this pain if we hadn’t experienced the love … and we would not have given up the love for anything in the world.”

I hope Lola and Harley have met by now and are enjoying a romp in the Heavens together.






  1. Harley always lent a calming paw to the arriving Mill Dogs. I bet he was there to give his sweet love and warm kisses to Lola when she arrived.
    RIP Lola

  2. How sweet. Our Lumas and Matea are watching out for Harley, Lola and many other loved ones at the Bridge. I know that. Lola was so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Harley is my hero and every puppy just like him
    I spread the word please don’t buy, adopt

  4. Oh sweet Lola. Rest in Peace little one. My heart aches for you Barbara. Feel better knowing she’s with Harley and my own Hammer now. ❤️

  5. remember the love that is all we can do – we know are loved ones were cherished in life and never forgotten

  6. I lost my own little Lola this year as well. I hope all of our furry loved ones passed are playing over the Rainbow Bridge together <3

  7. So sorry to hear about the loss of Lola. She will be missed by many and I know how her mom’s heart must ache. I am sure Harley was there to meet pretty little Lola and show her around until she can see her mom again

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Barbara’s loss. Its so hard to lose our little companions and friends…members of the family no doubt. Rest in Peace sweet Lola….

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