Gwinnie’s Life Mattered

GwinnieOn the day she was rescued from the puppy mill, Gwinnie’s life began to change in a wondrous way. But she had no way of knowing that … and she was terrified. Throughout her seven long years living in a cage, Gwinnie knew nothing but abuse and suffering and her job was simply to produce puppies to be sold in pet stores across the country. She experienced heartache after heartache as her puppies were taken from her too soon; they needed to be young and cute in order to sell for maximum profit. Prior to being rescued, Gwinnie never knew the gentle touch of a human hand, she never heard a soft voice, she never received medical care. She only knew fear and survival.

But during her years in the mill Gwinnie had a friend, and that friend was Teddy. When she was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue, so was Teddy … and they comforted one another throughout all the uncertainty and terror that was this strange new world outside the mill. It wasn’t long before Gwinnie and Teddy found their forever home – together – and they thrived on the love their adoring family gave them. Gwinnie’s scraggly and matted fur soon became a lush and beautiful golden coat, and the fear in her eyes diminished. Although she would often hide behind her brave Teddy and worry when a stranger came to her house, Gwinnie finally knew she was safe … and she knew she was loved.

Sadly, the abuse and neglect she suffered in the mill had taken its toll and beautiful Gwinnie passed away on October 3, 2016. Her heartbroken family misses her dearly and is still trying to accept her loss … but nobody will miss Gwinnie as much as her soul mate, Teddy.

Strange as it may seem, in many respects Gwinnie was one of the lucky ones … she was rescued (with her soulmate, no less) and she knew great love, happiness and freedom before her life ended.

Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs living in puppy mills who will never get the chance that Gwinnie had.

Run in paradise, Gwinnie. Your life mattered, and you are missed more than you know.”

Gwinnie and Teddy - Before and After
Gwinnie and Teddy – Before and After
Gwinnie and Teddy
Gwinnie and Teddy
Gwinnie and Teddy
Gwinnie and Teddy



  1. Crying so hard . Poor precious angel. I am sure Harley met you, and will be your bestie until it’s time for Teddy to join you. To your parents , I am so very very sorry for your loss. I have many babies on the bridge and it’s so very hard when they leave us.

    • Every time I read Gwinnie’s story, I cry again. Such a lovely little girl who did not deserve all the years she spent in the puppy mill. So happy she found love, a safe home and got to be with her dear Teddy until she left this world.

  2. my tears fall..
    they will not stop..
    for precious GWINNIE ♥
    and for dearest TEDDY ♥
    and all who loved GWINNIE so very much..

    I am a friend from afar..
    who loves you..
    and knows this pain..
    and forever love ♥

    Run free forever, little girl..
    and someday all who love you
    will hold you again..

    and you will *kiss* so happily..

    You are so loved, GWINNIE ♥

    Your life mattered beyond words ♥

      • Me, too When Gwinnie passed, I think 2 or 3 of the pups and kitties I follow on FB passed within a couple of days of her. Couldn’t stop crying.

  3. My heart is broke for Teddy and his family, Gwinnie will always be in our hearts

  4. I miss Harley and now I miss Gwinnie; my heart actually hurts whenever I hear someone has lost their beloved fur baby. I have 3 at the Bridge and I still miss them very much. Bless you sweet Gwinnie, I’m sure Harley is helping you adjust. Teddy, just know that Gwinnie is now whole and healthy and happy and very very loved.

  5. Sincerest and heartfelt sympathies to Gwinnie’s family and friends. Thank goodness she knew real love before she had to leave! Run free, sweet girl!!!

  6. SUCH a sad loss for Teddy and his family. sending beautiful thoughts and prayers your way. They are all exquisite and stunning !!!!

  7. Awwwwww:))))
    So sweet no words
    Her life did matter
    Love you Gwinnie xoxo

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful angel. She will forever remain free. May god now take care of her. ❤❤❤My thoughts are with you.

  9. Sweet Gwinnie is free and whole at the Bridge and you will see her again one day precious Teddy.

  10. I am sitting waiting to get some tests done feeling grumpy and sad for myself.
    I loved Sweet Qwinnie, as I love all the precious fur kids saved, rescued, who bravely help us all learn a greater and deeper love.
    Teddy is a hero, he has lost his special friend Harley and his soul twin Qwinnie. He has much yet to do and those two angels will be with him, and all the humans as the fight to educate people and save pups from the harsh life if puppy mills continues.

  11. Love Gwinnie & Teddy!! ❤️❤️❤️
    I’m so sorry they had such a rough beginning to life, but so happy they found their mom & new lives with a wonderful family. Even if it wasn’t very long. My heart breaks for Teddy & his family. She is very much missed!

  12. Rest in peace little angel…. thank God you and Teddy had each other…thank God you knew love and kindness together.. Rest at the bridge sweet Gwinnie, until your Teddy joins you… <3 <3 <3

  13. I cried when I read this. I have rescued five puppy mill dogs and I am so sad that I can’t save them all. These cruel puppy mills must be shut down. In my state of Ohio the Amish are responsible for many puppy mills. I always respected the Amish folks but when I found out about the puppy mills my respect for them has waned. They treat their horses badly too. Poor Gwinnie, I am glad she experienced some human love and affection before she passed away.

  14. This has touched my heart ❤️ and I am a long time worker and friend of our local shelter. I have 2 rescued dogs in my home right now and they are treated like the babies they are to meet…. Goodbye little Gwinnie… sadly missed by all that knew you..

  15. Gwinnie was so lucky to have dear Teddy and so lucky to be saved. I know her humans ache with sadness over her loss. As each little dog that I follow on social media passed this year I feel my own pain again. It makes me feel a little better to think that my dear sweet Hammer is meeting all these beautiful little souls. I like to imagine them all sharing a nice sunny spot. R.I.P. Gwinnie❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾

  16. Lovely Gwinnie, as sweet as her name sounds. Little lady, you have no idea the impact your life has made. Run free and watch over Teddy – he loves and misses you dearly. One day, you will be reunited.

  17. God Bless the wonderful people who adopted this precious fur baby and her buddy. Thank you for giving them a chance to know love.

  18. I was very sad when I read about the passing of Gwinnie..At least she was able to live with love from her family. .. I know it’s very hard for Teddy, to lose his soulmate. And to mom & dad who loved her & showered her with love miss her greatly.

  19. Gwinnie, what a beautiful lady you were. I am sorry that you were failed for the majority of your life but the ones who were suppose to be your caregivers. Tears flow as I think about your life in that cage and how your tiny heart must have broken everytime your babes were taken from you. How your feet must’ve longed to run.

    To Teddy and your new family, you are precious gems. You are lifesavers. Dogs are so forgiving and I just know Gwinnie was happy and free when she was brought home with you and her soul mate in tow.

    Thank you for lovong her. Thank you for not allowing her life to end in that cage.

    Run free, sweet girl. Enjoy your eternal runs until you meet Teddy again, and then run together.

  20. Oh crap! The tears wont stop comming RIP little Gwinnie hoping you are chasing butterflies in he green meadows where you are now darling girl

  21. Oh noooooo. I’m so so sorry to hear this. Will be lifting Teddy and his family in prayer. A hurt so hard to heal.

  22. Gwinnie was such a beautiful little soul – I hope her family and dear Teddy find solace in the fact that their love made her life beautiful

  23. Breaks my heart!! I HATE puppy mills and the monsters that run them! RIP Gwinnie!

  24. Gwinnie, you were so special to Teddy, and Mommy but to all of us as well. We will miss you. Teddy is so sad. We are going to try and make him better. I know you are a beautiful bright star in the sky watching over Teddy and mommy. Fly free angel Gwinnie 💗😇

  25. Such a sad start in life to a loving family to call their very own!!! Precious together were Gwinnie and Teddy and together they will be some day in the future!! I cry so hard over all the losses, but I am amazed at all you folk do at NMDR to help the dogs you bring back and the ones you adopt out and adopt yourselves. My heart goes out to you all. All my love for always… Susie

  26. What a beautiful pair! So glad they had each other and a wonderful life together at the end, with love and comfort… Thank you to their humans that loved them both.

  27. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you and Teddy at this sad time. Thank you for giving them a loving forever home after so many years of abuse.

  28. such beautiful babies – they had more than they know – they had each other and a family to love them

  29. So sad for the Burchfield family and little Teddy who lost two extra special friends this year. My prayers are with you. ❤️

  30. Just looking back on some old e-mail. Aww Gwinnie you are so missed. TeddyBear misses you so very much. He’s working so hard to fight to end Puppy Mills. ❤❤❤

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