We’ll Miss You Forever, Winston


October 13, 2016

What a huge impact dogs can have on us in a very short period of time, and such was the case with Winston.

We’re heartbroken to say that our sweet little Winston passed away this morning. We knew Winston had several health problems, and despite the best efforts of our dedicated veterinary team (and all the love in world), Winston’s health was just too poor.

Over the last 30 hours he began declining rapidly. He had a stroke and began having seizures, and his spinal pain worsened. We couldn’t let him suffer any longer. We did everything possible for this little guy but, sadly, it wasn’t enough. He ate a powdered doughnut (he loved that) and then his passing was very peaceful.

He was in our lives for such a short time, but we’ll miss him forever. – Dan and Rudi (Mom and Dad)

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Winston won my heart just like he did yours. I want to thank you for taking Winston into your home so soon after losing Harley. You guys are so rare. Peace.

  2. Rudi and Dan – I am heartbroken for you! Poor little Winston…at least his short time with you guys was the happiest time he’s ever had in his life, though!

  3. to have been in the arms of loving and caring people in those last moments…thank you for being there for him…there will be a new star in the night sky “Winston

  4. I’m so very sorry about the loss of Winston. He was in your lives but a short time. I know you loved him very much. I’m sure he felt the same about you Rudi & Dan. My heart is sad, very sad. I just love senior dogs. Thank you for showing him love & compassion at the end. Rip Sweet Winston. You were loved. 😢💔🌈

  5. What a very sad day in the world to have loss such a sweet little pup. My heart hurts for you both & all that have been lucky enough to have known Winston. He was a lucky little guy to have at least experience love that you two gave him even if it was for just a short time.Winston will always have a special place in all our hearts.My prayers go out to you & all that followed Winston’s journey.Rest in peace Winston & may we meet at Rainbow Bridge someday.

  6. So sorry for the loss of Winston I know this has to be hard to get into our hearts so easily and we love them so much God bless you both for showing him what love is

  7. I am so sorry..But sweet Winston is no longer in pain…and he is with Harley. You let his last days be filled knowing he was loved…and he did not die a painful death all alone… Rest in Peace Winston..you touched so many hearts in such a short time…. You more than earned your wings….

  8. He was here and in a blink he was gone.
    And yes, love at first sight is possible.
    We loved you instantly. We love you still.

  9. I am so sad and sorry about Winston. You did all you could and he was loved from the time he came into your life and ours until the end. So many animals do not ever feel love. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Oh, I’m so sorry! What a handsome boy he was. So very sweet of you to make his last days so absolutely wonderful, especially after all he’d been through! <3

  11. So so sorry. This is so sad. You all have been through so much pain lately. One thing I can say is that he did get so much love from you that he will take with him. He is now playing with Harley. So sorry.

  12. Poor little Winston…….we know he was loved and you did everything possible for him. He is going over the Rainbow Bridge now we’re he can play with Harley, Gwinnie and all the other dogs, free of pain.

  13. ..
    My tears fall..
    blending with yours

    This precious soul WINSTON knew love because of you ♥

    Now he is with sweet HARLEY
    resting softly in the stars
    watching over us all
    motivating people to be compassionate
    and fight to end puppy mills ♥

  14. When I read this on facebook this morning, I burst into tears. You did the best you could for him. He’s running free at the bridge with Harley and all our loved ones. You did the best you could.

  15. Winston was so lucky to know love during that short time. Rudi and Dan you are true angels on earth. T

  16. God Bless you all for giving Harley & Winston such love and a wonderful home. I know how difficult it is to lose these precious, lovable little fur babies and just believe that they are in no more pain and able to run free.

  17. Heartfelt condolences on the loss of little Winston. Thank you for making his last months on earth ones that were filled with safety and love and at the very end, powered donuts! Blessings on you all.

  18. I am so very sorry for your loss. Winston felt the love you showed him in that short amount of time you had him. It’s so very true what you said:” He was in our lives for such a short time but will miss him forever”. I’m sure Harley is showing him around the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless both of you, Rudi & Dan. Sincerely, Dawn Fry

  19. RIP little one. We just lost our 13 year old chi puppy mill rescue, Loni. Like Winston, they had so much love at the end of their lives.

  20. Rest in peace little one. You were so loved even though your time with all of us was so short. You hurt no longer. Fly free. As you put your arms around and lick the face of our beloved Harley, tell him for us how much he is missed and loved. You will be missed. Love you guys always.

  21. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is breaking for you. You are stronger people than I could ever be. As tears begin to form in my eyes I just want to say thank you so very much for the things you do for these sweet babies. Yes people can say he’s not in pain anymore or suffering , but I am sure that his mom and dad is. Bless your heart. God has a special place for you next to him.

  22. Sweet Winston you were so fragile. You were with very loving parents!! I’m glad in the short time you had with Rudi & Dan, you knew love & compassion. You will be missed Sweet boy. Rainbow Bridge is waiting with new friends. 😢💔🌈

  23. So very sorry to hear about this but how very lucky for little Winston that he spend his final days in the love and care of people like Rudi and Dan. At least he knew love before he passed on.

  24. I was so sorry to hear of Winston’s passing, he will be missed. Prayers to Rudi & Dan, you did all that you could and showed Winston the love and compassion he never knew. Take comfort in knowing that Winston and Harley are together.

  25. Oh Winston, such a short time to be loved by your new mom and dad but lucky lucky you to have had their love on this journey. Say hi to Harley for all of us sweet boy. Rest easy.

  26. RIP sweet little boy…so glad you had the chance to experience the love and care of the best mom and dad before you had to go…sure there are lots of powdered donuts over the rainbow bridge.

    Hugs to you Rudi and Dan…and thanks for bringing this little guy into your lives so his final days were full of love…

  27. So sorry for the loss of Winston. Such a sweet soul he was. Now he and Harley will be together.

  28. You had lots of love you last days. You could not have two better people care for you than Dan and Rudi.

  29. At least that precious angel knew unconditional love and tenderness on his last weeks/months……Run free and healthy with sweet Harley sweet Winston

  30. He passed on the same day as my beloved rescue, Coco the Chihuahua. Bless them both.

  31. I am so sad to hear about the passing of Winston. Thanks for giving him love. So much sadness in this world, feel good that you brought some kindness. Peace with you and may little Winston now be free and strong as he was intended to be

  32. I am so sorry to hear this. God bless you and Dan for giving baby Winston all the love he deserved. God rest his baby soul.

  33. I’m so sorry to hear this. Winston went to the Bridge knowing love and gentleness, knowing that the 2 of you were willing to fight to give him the best life possible as far as his health goes. He is with Harley now. I always thought of WInston as Harley’s reverse twin, they looked so much alike just opposite eyes. Loved them both and love the 2 of you for what you did to make both their lives better.

    Connie Griggs and the Grigg’s Hoard

  34. Aaaawwww, i am so sorry that Winston went over the Rainbow Bridge. But i am happy too, because Winston got very much love of everybody, involved with his journey to freedom and love. At least a little bit of the things every dog earns and has a right to. R.I.P. Winston. I will miss you. And i saved your pictures in my gallery. ❤❤❤

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