Dogly Donates in Harley’s Honor

Tongue Out Tuesday

I was curious about the name, so I googled Dogly and according to the Oxford Dictionary it’s a late 15th century word, an adjective meaning “Of the nature of a dog. Of, like, or pertaining to dogs.” – in case you wondered!

But (modern day) Dogly is an awesome photo-sharing app where dog lovers celebrate their dogs and by doing that, they raise money for rescue organizations. The app is free, it’s really fun and best of all, it’s making a difference for dogs!

Recently Dogly donated $1,500 to Harley’s Puppy Mill Education & Outreach Fund at National Mill Dog Rescue in Harley’s honor.  We are very proud to be recognized for Harley’s good work and we’re thankful to Dogly for their efforts in helping make the world a better place for man’s best friend.

“We are forever in awe of and grateful for the way you shared Harley with the world, putting a sweet, determined face on the fight to stop puppy mills and making it all real.  As Harley’s mission goes on, we are with you. We wanted to do something in honor of Harley that would support his dream and encourage others to support it as well.” -Jane and Cory, Dogly founders

When I first became involved with Dogly it was because of their #TongueOutTuesday campaign which brought awareness to the plight of puppy mill dogs. Read their article: How creativity and a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor made a difference – and because of that, I think of Dogly EVERY TUESDAY!

How dogs Dogly work?
You sign up for a Dogly account and choose your favorite dog rescue, and then you post photos (there are dog-specific editing tools available, so you can get creative). Then you ‘love’ your photo (just like ‘liking’ something on Facebook) and other people can love your photo as well. At the end of every month, Dogly will donate $1,000 to the rescue with the most loves! Dogly also recognizes outstanding creativity by giving $500 ‘Dogly Do Good’ creativity grants.

Learn more about Dogly on their website:
Download the Dogly app to your phone.
Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.








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