Remembering Little Mia

Mia Bryant-Bernard
Mia Bryant-Bernard

I’ll always remember the first time I met Mia Bryant-Bedard. I loved her instantly, and so did Dan. Mia was everything – she was adorable, sassy, funny, brave, sweet, bold, and she was as cute as a button.

Mia’s motto was SENIOR PETS ROCK! She worked hard (along with the help of her mom and her famous sister, Princess Ava Bisou) encouraging people to adopt senior pets. She raised money for important causes and she brought awareness to puppy mills, and Mia also brought joy to everyone who met her.

We were lucky to have spent time with Mia (and her family) on two difference occasions. The first time was when we visited her home in Michigan and the second time was during a meet & greet, also in Michigan. Wonderful memories!

Sadly, Mia passed away on September 24th at 18 years old. People worldwide are missing her. Mia’s star is shining brighter than anything right now, making sure everyone sees it … especially her mom.

I was happy that I’d always stayed in touch with Mia’s mom, and I was able to follow Mia’s adventures on her Facebook page. You can follow this beloved little angel here:

Mia is on her dad's shoulder in this photo. It was the first time our families got together - such happy times!
Mia is on her dad’s shoulder in this photo. It was the first time our families got together – such happy times!
This picture was taken during a meet & greet in Michigan. Rudi is holding Mia and her sister Ava and Sonnie is holding Harley.
This picture was taken during a meet & greet in Michigan. Rudi is holding Mia and her sister Ava and Sonnie is holding Harley.






  1. I “met” Mia through Harley’s Facebook page – oh – it seems just yesterday – but it was closer to 5 years (or more) ago – I lovingly referred to her as “my ;little namesake”- and she was my little rock star. Since Mia, Harley, and I are all Senior citizens, they both have a special place in my heart and their message of “Adopt a Senior Pet” rings so true ifor me. I tell everyone about them and about what a wonderful option a Senior pet is. We have our own Senior pet, a little Chihuahua named Snoopy, and he is by far, the most precious, the most clever, the most cantankerous, and the most endearing four footed family member we have ever had the privilege of knowing. We will continue to tell everyone we meet about the charm, the advantages and the joy of adopting a Senior pet, and of course, we will remember Little Mia, and Harley, and steer people to their pages. They are both legends and Rock Stars that will continue to shine even brighter in the days ahead.

  2. 18…..amazing! Not nearly long enough though when it is your baby…. <3 Thank you for sharing this…its very uplifting to see so many people who know and are sharing the joy of senior dogs…

  3. No matter what age they are, it’s never long enough. I miss her hi jinks every day. I hope you find comfort knowing that you gave her the most incredible life she could have asked for.

  4. Miss Mia, you will forever shines through.
    Your legacy will continue as we will encourage people to adopt senior pets❤️🐶
    I’m missing you very much but I know you’re now playing and running around in God’s Paradise with Harley.
    Thank you for being my friend, Miss Mia.
    It’s a great honor to have the privilege to follow your adventures.
    Love you always and forever ❤️❤️❤️🐶

  5. My friend, Teri Barit introduced me to Miss Mia (sadly) the day she crossed the bridge. I feel so sad that I didn’t know who she was. What a precious. What a light to inspire!

  6. Mia looked like a beautiful and living little girl. I especially like the picture of her resting her headbkn your shoulders. I love senior dogs. I have adopted and fostered senior dogs and they are extra special. Thanks firbfivin f her some happy years

  7. This has been a hard year, losing so many special dogs from Facebook. Those last videos of Mia in her cart and halo, zooming along break my heart, but they display her spirit and determination so clearly. I’ll be watching them often as a reminder that there is no excuse to stop trying to make a difference. Fly high, Miss Mia.

  8. Thank you Rudi, for such a lovely tribute to my little rockstar and “The Right Side of My Heart”. Mia truly was one of a kind; a fighter, a survivor and a love giver. My world will never ever be the same.

  9. What a sweetheart. Senior dogs are the best. I just lost one of my 14 year old pups earlier this year and I still have her sister who is now 15. They definitely leave paw prints in our heart forever!

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