Winston’s Freedom Flight

Pilot, Alex, and his finace, Erin with Winston
Alex (pilot) and Arleen with Winston

After his rescue from the shelter, Winston needed a ride “home” and the best option for this little 14-year-old Chihuahua would be by plane. Winston had to travel from Chicago to Denver, so we asked for help from a great organization called Pilots N Paws. When pilot, Alex, learned that Winston needed a lift, he offered to transport him on the first leg of his journey which was to Omaha, Nebraska. Winston was the 46th dog that Alex brought to freedom in the 4 years he has volunteered for Pilots N Paws – AWESOME!! Our friend Arleen was Winston’s “temporary foster mom’ for a couple days before the flight and she met Alex at the airport, where she said a bittersweet goodbye to Winston.

Be sure to continue reading and see all the photos below … they are pretty great!




When Winston arrived in Omaha, he was met by his “temporary foster” family. Michaela (a rescue friend of ours) and her wonderful children provided Winston a loving home for about 24 hours. This photo shows Winston right after he arrived in Omaha … and as you can see, he was a very happy little guy!


Stay tuned for pictures and an update about the last leg of Winston freedom flight, from Omaha to Denver!

Pilots N Paws is non-profit online volunteer organization where general aviation pilots can connect with rescue volunteers to transport animals in need to safe havens.

The mission of Pilots N Paws is to provide a user-friendly website communication venue between those that rescue, shelter, and foster animals and pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of these animals. The organization was founded in February of 2008, Pilots N Paws continues to make a difference in the lives of innocent animals. Donations can be made here.










  1. This is so wonderful , it makes me so happy to no there are so many good people out there in this uncareing and mean world that love animals as I do and how people reach out to really make a difference ,I would love to help animals all over the world but I can’t being as I’m disabled and sixty two but it makes me so happy to see so many people that are .praise be to you wish I had money to at least help in that way but I’m on social security and only get a very small check but I try to help a little when I can but thank God above for people like you

  2. Truly HEROES all of the folks assisting in this rescue of one 14 year old little dog!!! An honor to Harley, for sure!😭💕

  3. What wonderful people there are in the world! This story is making me cry, right here at work. The look on tiny Winston’s face speaks volumes! Thank you, thank you, everyone!

  4. This…all of this…makes me soooooooo happy…..these are the light spots in my day for these incredible creatures !!!!! Can’t wait to see more pics !!

  5. so much happiness in Winston’s freedom ride. I think he knows he is going to get to live the good life now. Praying it will be a long one

  6. Winston looks like a certain very missed 1 eyes dog named Harley Taylor. My wish is the Taylor family sees his photos and gives Winston a forever home.

  7. […] The second and final leg of Winston’s “freedom” flight was flown by Sarah, a long-time Pilots N Paws volunteer. She is awesome and her love for dogs is clearly evident! Winston met Sarah (with the help of his temporary foster mom, Michaela) at the airport in Omaha, Nebraska late at night, and about 4 hours later they safely landed in Denver. You can read about his first flight at this link. […]

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