Introducing Winston

winstonSometimes people will contact me about a shelter dog in dire need of rescue. Typically, I will follow that dog’s progress and, if necessary, share via social media to ensure the dog is saved. Just last week I received a message from one of Harley’s friends who volunteers at a shelter. She had taken a photo of a little senior Chihuahua that would not become available for adoption and unless a ‘rescue’ stepped up, he could be headed for euthanasia; it felt like a desperate situation. So Dan and I felt we had to rescue the little 14 year-old, one-eyed dog (with obvious health issues). We named him Winston before he ever left the shelter.

We’re tremendously grateful to Harley’s friend, Arleen, because had it not been for her, well, Winston may never have gotten a second chance. And a HUGE THANK YOU to Pilots N Paws for facilitating the the transport of Winston from Chicago to Denver. This will actually happen in 2 flights over 2 days (beginning today). Initially Winston will fly from Chicago to Omaha, where our rescue friend Michaela will connect with the pilot and she will be “foster mom” to Winston for about 24 hours, before he flies on his final leg to Denver (he will arrive very early on Tuesday morning).

What is our plan for Winston? We’ll do our utmost to provide him the medical care he requires to make sure he is happy and comfortable for the rest of his life.

Is Winston joining our family? We’re not committing at this point. First things first! Meanwhile, “Harley’s House of Dreams” has a new resident.

We expect to get some photos of Winston during his adventure to Colorado, so please stay tuned!










  1. he looks so much like harley really

    On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 12:10 PM, Harley, a Puppy Mill Survivor wrote:

    > Harley posted: ” Sometimes people will contact me about a shelter dog in > dire need of rescue. Typically, I will follow that dog’s progress and, if > necessary, share via social media to ensure the dog is saved. Just last > week I received a message from one of Harley’s ” >

  2. please let me know if you decide to adopt Winston. If not, I may be interested in adding him to our little ‘herd’. Thanks so much for all of your mill dog advocacy!

  3. ..
    angels, you are..
    Rudi and Dan..
    National Mill Dog..
    and all others who love these precious beating hearts..
    and work continuously to save them..
    making others aware of the horror of puppy mills..

    Sweet angel HARLEY’s♥ dream is alive..
    as is his spirit..
    through all of us who care so much
    and support his ongoing vision.

    Little treasure WINSTON ♥
    now the forever love begins..
    you deserve it so..

    and IMO, you look exactly like beloved HARLEY♥

    • How wonderful. Wonderful. I’m so choked up right now; look at his face. Oh, my goodness. Thanks for everything you’re doing for Winston. (I see Harley’s light shining all over this!)

  4. This is just wonderful news had tears in my eyes as I read it Winston is such a lucky puppy thank you for rescuing him he will bring much love and joy

  5. All dog’s lives matter. Every dog deserves a chance at a good life. Thanks to the Taylor’s for rescuing Winston. He is so adorable!! Time for his new start in life!!

  6. What a cute baby. All animals are babies to me, no matter what their age. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s a good job and you and Harley’s House of Hope are doing. Just wondering how Fernando is doing?

  7. Thank you for rescuing Winston! I believe how senior dogs (and cats) are treated is an indication of how some people treat senior humans.

  8. Harley’s House of Hope tolls bells in my ear. Chiming in to great the new little munchkin.

  9. The Home of the Old Adorable One-Eyed Chihuahuas. You are such good people!! Love to all from San Francisco!! It was because of Harley that I make a monthly donation in his honor & I know through him so many dogs lives are better. I also donate to Muttville, another wonderful organization that brought you Fernando. Thank you.

  10. Thank you Rudi and Dan for rescuing Winston from a death row and opening your home, Harley’s “House of Hope” once again.
    This act of compassion and kindness truly magnified in every circumstances that leads to something wonderful and meaningful, inspiring and dedication to fulfill the dream that Harley gave us Hope, faith and to “Love like Harley” to each and every one. ❤️

  11. I will get the best care, unconditional love and he will be happy for the rest of his life.

  12. Thank you & Bless your heart ♥ for all that you do for these sweet fur babies!! You are an Angel 😇 xoxoxo ❤

  13. Rudi and Dan, heaven knows you are both angels in disguise, and I think we’re all starting to realize that too, or already have. I know it must be hard on th both of you, seeing that Winston looks so much like Harley, however perhaps this is another chance to be with Harley. Winston will never replace Harley, but he musta been sent by Harley to ease your pain and bring you joy. I hope you keep him. Bless you both! And all the wonderful things you all do.

  14. Ferdinand and Winston will surely love each other. I’m very happy for the Taylor family and all their fur crew! I’m saddened by the knowledge there are so many one eyed chihuahua’s knowing of Harley’s background.

  15. Winston, you are absolutely adorable, and I think you and Fernando will be great friends , along with the whole Taylor crew !!!!! Love and kisses !!!

  16. You and Dan are so wonderful to do what you do for these sweet little abused pups that need so much love and medical care. Winston couldn’t have found a more wonderful home and I’m sure Fernando will show him the ropes. God Bless you…for sure!!!

  17. s
    when the day comes that we too can help more we will right now you have our prayers and I know Harley is a tali waggin happy lad! Welcome Winston, our older Chi’s are rescues..Bless you,Dan and Rudi, and all who step in to help change the brainwashed folks in this world……

  18. Hi OMG…I thought it was a younger photo of Harley! !!! I’m so happy that you could help Winston. …bless your hearts xxxoooo

  19. Oh this little guy should be with Harleys mom and dad ,he is just meant to be because they have a calling for these kind of babies

  20. You and Dan are such an inspiration to all of us. God bless you for all you do for these precious babies!

  21. What a sweet heart! Thank you so much for all you do for animals! Seniors have a special place in my heart as my first rescue was a 14 1/2 year old girl who changed my whole world. Wishing Winston all the very,very best!

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