Because of Harley

The cards and letters we receive often have me in tears – but in a good way. Nothing brings Dan and I more joy than to read stories about the impact Harley has made on the lives of people he touched. -Rudi (Harley’s mom)

The following was written by a wonderful woman named Margaret. Read it and you’ll understand what the photo below is about.

“This isn’t about me. It is about what Harley created in me. I am just one person. These are just the few dogs that have come into my life and moved onto safe and happy homes. If not for Harley, I wouldn’t have put myself out there. Think of all the other people just like me, who have the same kinds of stories. Think of all the dogs that have been saved from cruelty, neglect and senseless death because people realize they can and should do something. We are many, and it’s because of Harley.”





  1. ..
    my heart sings ♥

    Harley’s dream forever..
    until no dog has to be saved ♥

  2. i would love to add to our little crew – it’s great that Margaret has been able to help so many

  3. We’re with Margaret! Our Odie has enhanced our lives while we’ve given him unconditional love and a forever home. Harley is a “hero” in every sense of the word…we miss him so very much.

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