Double Take!

This beautiful felted wool Harley was lovingly created by Lori Welch, a Colorado artist. It’s impossible to look at it without doing a double take! He sits on a chair in our livingroom most of the time, and he always seems to have his eye on us. Be sure to look through all the photos to see the fine detail. We will treasure this amazing work of art forever!

Lori can be contacted via email at:

Felted Harley by Lori Welch (5)

Felted Harley by Lori Welch (1)

Felted Harley by Lori Welch (4)

Felted Harley by Lori Welch (3)

Felted Harley by Lori Welch (2)


  1. Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes! He looks just like Harley. She captured his soul. You almost forget he passed. <3

  2. ..
    “I am so comforted by the sweet memories that linger inside inanimate objects.” ♥

  3. This is so precious!! Ppl love Harley so much!! They have made so many tributes to him. The stuffed ones are the best. Your Sweet, adorable boy Harley was just so loveable & charismatic. There was something so very Special about him. We had so much empathy for Harley because he spent 10 years in a puppy mill. Then he was left to die. He came to you & Dan. The rest is history!! Now you have a new boy, Fernando!! There is no replacing Harley. He was so Special. I hope Fernando is enjoying being part of the Taylor family!! Best to you all!! 😀❤❤❤

  4. I loved seeing Harley on facebook and loved that little guy. He was such a precious little fellow and gave so much enjoyment to so many people. He will never be forgotten.

  5. OMG! I thought it was Harley! This is so amazing! She is beyond talented!

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  6. A beautiful work of art. Certainly made with love. I wish I could accept Harley’s passing. It is almost as if he were mine own

  7. WOW its beautiful and very life-like. What a terrific job she did on Harley. It is a double take.

  8. Oh this is so beautiful..He looks just like Harley the details are so real..Thank you for sharing

  9. Absolutely gorgeous.looks just like our lil Harley.He will live in our hearts forever.

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