Harley Continues To Inspire

Harley met Jennifer during a ‘meet & greet’ in Coldwater, Michigan one year ago. As you will see when you read her message below, she is a very special young woman who has reached beyond her comfort zone to help make a difference for puppy mills … in honor of Harley. Thank you, Jennifer! We love you!

“Today, I was able to educate someone I had never met before on puppy mills. I don’t consider myself very outgoing, but I’m wearing a Harley shirt today, and at a farmer’s market I was asked about my shirt. At first, I didn’t know what to say, but then I started talking about National Mill Dog Rescue and it seemed so natural to talk to someone about it. This particular person did not know that puppy mills are still legal, and she was pretty upset by that. Now that I have talked to someone I have never met before about the horrors of puppy mills, I feel confident that I can do it again. This is the first time I’ve spoken to someone I don’t know about puppy mills. I hope she spreads the message now as well. Thank you to Harley, for educating me on puppy mills and allowing me to educate others in your honor.” -Jennifer Milliken

Jennifer (right) with Harley and Rudi (left) during a Meet and Greet in Coldwater, Michigan
Jennifer (right) with Harley and Rudi (left) during a Meet and Greet in Coldwater, Michigan


  1. This is wonderful! Jennie is just like me. I have started telling people about puppy mills and the more people I tell the better it is. I am amazed at how many people know nothing about The puppy mills.

    Keep telling people Jennifer!

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  2. great job jennifer – I too am not a confident speak at times. I have spoken with quite a few people about the horrors of puppy mills – and each time it does get easier – #HarleysDream

  3. ..
    You’re very special, Jennifer..
    telling people about precious Harley..
    and his dream..

    His love comes through you ♥

  4. Tha’ts lovely Jennifer and thank you for sharing it with us Judi! I too have got on my soapbox a few times to explain why there are no pups for sale in the petshop. As Jennifer said people really have no idea of their existence and are genuinely shocked to hear about them.. Sadly there are no such laws here in Western Australia.

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