Fire Rescue with Olive

Olive is modeling the Pet Gift Box we received this month. It’s called Fire Rescue and includes: fire hydrant and fire hose toys, a great big pumpkin cookie, a bag of soft treats and ‘rescue me’ decals to adhere to our doors in case of an emergency. Olive was such a good girl and really enjoyed her first modeling assignment … she says she especially loves the pumpkin cookie! (check out her photos below)

You can save 50% off a Pet Gift Box when you use code: HARLEY – and $15 will be donated to Harley’s fund at National Mill Dog Rescue! Order here: There are only a few days left to get the Fire Rescue box, so hurry!

Olive and Pet Gift Box Olive and Pet Gift Box Olive and Pet Gift Box Olive and Pet Gift Box


  1. Olive is a beautiful model! I’m sure her brother Harley is smiling down on her💕❤️

  2. Oh, she is so cute! She should definitely be a model. That is her calling I think 🙂

    Riley and Stella are the only ones I can remember because of the cute video when Stella was hitting you with her tail when she was wagging it. Who could forget Stella, right? She’s the gentle giant among little ones and so beautiful.
    But Olive and Cricket? are kinda in the background and I don’t hear too much about them. So I’m glad to hear and see more! If I remember correctly Cricket was the first puppy mill dog and she watched over you? And she also got very sick once. Or maybe that was Olive, but I’m going with Cricket.
    Big family, big heart♡ love this!


  3. olive did a nice job with the pet gift box – this looks like something my dogs will like

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