The Dog Hair

“The dog is gone. We miss him. When the doorbell rings, no one barks. When we come home late, there is no one waiting for us. We still find his white hairs here and there around the house and on our clothes. We pick them up. We should throw them away. But they are all we have left of him. We don’t throw them away. We have a wild hope—if only we collect enough of them, we will be able to put the dog back together again.” -Lydia Davis

I so easily relate to the above poem. Every little Harley hair is so very precious to me. His little hairs are all I have left of him, physically. -Rudi (Harley’s mom)Harley resting


  1. This made me cry. We just put our last furbaby, Rebel, down in June. There is still a small pile of his fur in my bedroom. I have told my husband not to clean it up. We have a bag of his fur also from the last time we brushed him. Also have a bag of our other furbaby’s fur, Rascal, from his last brushing before we said goodbye to him in Jan 2015.

  2. I relate to this so much. When my beloved cat, Turtle, died, I kept a little bit of her fur.

  3. We found hairs from our basset and beagle long after they passed. It always made me cry and miss them so much. I have their ashes in my bedroom and get them out sometimes. Hugs!

  4. I lost my first dog Bear in 07, and I was going thru his memory box when I found one of his Hoodies with some hair stuck to it, you would of thought I struck gold at that moment☺

  5. I can relate to that as many Dogs have come into my life over the years, I have all kinds of leashes and Collars, tags , bowls, sweaters and I even have the covered pail I kept food in 35 years ago..I also have memories of Harley I will keep forever in my Heart

  6. My eyes are leaky again- your posts do that to me often. My heart is with you Rudi, I have also grieved a beloved fur baby. Memories keep them in our heart.

  7. Aww Harley you are so loved & missed!! I miss seeing you on Facebook. You stole everyone’s heart like no other has before. I’m so sorry for your heartache Rudi & Dan. Now you have Fernando to shower with love. Sending hugs to the Taylor Family.

  8. Awww so sad yet so true. I have hair from all my furbabies that are no longer here. I bought Christmas tree clear ornaments and made one for each baby. I put their name, date of birth, date of passing, a piece of an outfit and some glitter in each ornament. Each Christmas is hang them on my tree, it helps to see that to bring closure.

  9. I couldn’t run the sweeper for a month after my little girl passed. I knew I would find her black hairs on all the steps where they always seemed to collect. It was like I would have to say the final goodbye & I wasn’t ready for that. A year later, I don’t find her hairs anymore but I’m still not ready to say that last goodbye

  10. My son was only 7 when we had to put our 18 year old kitty down. He was so sad and sobbed big tears into his pillow every night for a week; his heart was broken. Weeks later he found a little clump of her hair and to this day keeps it tucked in a frame with her photograph… 12 years have since passed, but her memory lives on, her lovely face smiles out from her photograph, and her little clump of hair remains safely tucked away.

  11. I know …. Makes me cry … As I too miss
    My Lil Man so much !!! I lost him at 15.5yrs old …the end of June and still cry everyday. I had spent more time with him then anyone in my whole life… The void is beyond imaginable… Anything of his that I can hold on to … I have kept … ❤️

  12. It would be so great if we could put him together again. I miss him so on facebook. I do believe they wait for us and we will be reunited

  13. if one had only thought to save them all – you can make memorial jewelry with them

  14. this poem brings tears to my eyes. I fully understand the emotional ties you have toward Harley and memory of him. Whatever it takes to keep your hearts at peace, do it. If it is his fur, clothing, his favorite toy–whatever the item may be. If it brings peace to your heart keep them close to you.

  15. Oh Judy, how true it is. I haven’t been able to throw very much of Mums things out, as like you, it’s all I have left. Teenax

  16. I keep a little box of my last two babies with hairs I found to keep them close. I totally relate Rudi !

  17. HARLEY you were such a beautiful boy and you will never be forgotten dog hair is part of my family and i love them to bits xxxx

  18. I loved Harley too and miss him so. I wish I could have met him, hugged him, kissed him.

  19. I have lost many little Harley’s and I grieve for them all. Nickie, Pepsi, Shandi, Tequila, Zanther. All very smart sweet good natured little dogs. I try everything I can think of to keep them with me for as long as possible, but in the end I lose them anyway. I know it’s just a matter of time before I lose my Baby Grace, and my Laxly. 😭😢

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