Fernando’s New Friend

Fernando recently met a puppy mill survivor named London. We knew of London because we considered adopting him at one time, but then learned he was already spoken for … and since things happen for a reason, London did find his perfect forever home! Anyway, when these little old toothless Chihuahuas finally met – they really enjoyed each other’s company and became fast friends!

London lives with his brother, Rocky and their human mom and dad in Colorado Springs. Rocky and London have a facebook page where they share their adventures and spread the message to “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”

Fernando and London collage

Fernando and London


  1. Beautiful ! ! Live it .thanks for sharing..I was lucky enough to have my boys until they were seniors but never long enough and it was a long road for the both of them. One being a puppy mill survivor whom the original ” Buyers” could not keep. Yes he had his health issues when I became his mom at one year and they continued till his last breath. I wouldn’t change my life to be without him , it is just so sad the hell he and his siblings and mom and went through. If there is peace at the end of this life I hope all 4 leggeds get first choice of their life.. Non can speak for themselves. They deserve all goodness forever. My Boys name was Midnight he came with that name and he was a Black Pomeranian. It’s been years and I still miss my boys like it was yesterday ..Enjoy and love your new family members. They are a gift …luv to all

  2. Love receiving this blog, in addition to the Facebook updates. I have now had 2 puppy mill survivors – they do bring special emotional and health challenges, but they give so much love and appreciation. They very definitely hold a special place in my heart, too!

  3. This is wonderful. Both dogs in loving homes after all their years of suffering. I live in Louisiana and I want to do more about stopping puppy mills. What do I do?

  4. I miss my baby Harley 💗so much but I know he’s ok with us liking FERNANDO N hmm no
    LONDON …MY MUSKETEERS 🐶🐶2🐶💜💚💙💋…OH MY GOODNESS and ;oê OF COURSE HARLEY’S BEST friend is going @@@

  5. Maybe Fernando & London will be best friends like Harley & Teddy!! I’m sure Teddy misses his friend!!

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