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Fernando is feeling so much better after his dental surgery early last week. He’s no longer suffering with mouth pain, so instead of sleeping most of the time, he is busy exploring! The photos below were taken this morning outside our cabin. Fernando cannot see well (approximately 50% vision in his good eye), but he was still curious and wandered around happily enjoying the mountain air. Watching this little guy brings pure joy to our hearts. Fernando has taught us that rescuing another dog, after losing a beloved one, can help mend a broken heart.

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  1. So glad that Fernando is so much better and that he is able to get around and enjoy the fresh mountain air. That’s always wonderful. Harley is keeping an eye out for him, I know. Thanks so much for sharing these special pictures of another special family member of yours. I love them.

  2. He doesn’t seem to mind the sweater. This whole adoption is so exciting for me. I so look forward to new pictures of your new boy and tales of his progress and happiness. <3

  3. Happy & sad tears reading this. I totally get needing to fill a void, not left by Harley per se, but missing another dog in your lives. Much love to you all from me, Oscar Peterson’s momma. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I agree.. After losing a beloved pet I always get another very soon.. A lot of people say not me I’ll never be hurt like that again.. I will because of the joy …

  5. You go, Fernando! Harley is missed but you are helping to mend the broken hearted. God Bless You!!!!

  6. I am glad to heard that Rudi and Dan, in fact watching Fernandos’ picture is fun he looks so very much like Harley, curious happy enjoying everything around in his new life!! God bless you Taylor family you are wonderful lovely family❤️❤️

  7. Harley must be jumping for joy! His mom and dad have given him a little brother that can help their broken hearts mend and another precious pup has been rescued from a life of horror and delivered to a life of love and happiness. Harley’s memory and mission live on.

  8. So glad to see you all happy and to have made a difference in the lives of all. Harley sent Fernando to you guys he knew that you needed him and he knew Fernando would have the best mom and dad ever. So happy for you all.

  9. I think Harley sent Fernando to you. He knew Fernando needed you and you needed him..

  10. Thank you for what you are doing for Fernando.
    My heart melts when I see him so happy and well-cared for.
    I send good thoughts your way every day.

  11. I am crying but happy that you have Fernando now. I hope he over comes his health issues and is with you a long time.

  12. Love these posts and hearing all about the little guy. Warms the heart.

  13. Awww love the ears. Thank you Rudi and Dan for saving him and sharing him with me.

  14. thank you so much for posting this. I have been terrified because we also have a senior boy who is 12 1/2, has a stage 3 heart murmur and will be undergoing dental surgery .- Hearing Fernando’s story and seeing how quickly he us recovering and how perky he looks now, is making me feel much more confident about it for my little guy.

  15. So very happy little Fernando is feeling better. The pictures are adorable – his sweater is just the best. Rescuing Fernando was the best thing in the world you could have done – for him, for yourselves, and to honor Harley’s memory. Harley will never, ever be forgotten by any of us but helping another pup is the best way in the world to heal your hearts. God bless.

    • My heart is full of happiness for the Taylor family!! I look at Fernando and see Harley. He warms my heart.❤️ 🐾🐾

  16. Fernando all of these pictures of you are beautiful you are quite the handsome young man. Tell your mom and dad that I said hi and I hope that one day you can come down to Florida

  17. So happy for you and Fernando!! I think Harley is also smiling from the Bridge. 🙂

  18. Oh Rudi, I can see how much better he is doing! He looks so happy. Harley must be So Happy that you have taken Fernando into your home and hearts. Sometimes the best way to ease the pain you suffer after the loss a beloved pet is to save another life. I Look forward to watching him enjoy the life you’ve given him. 💗

  19. You’ve warmed my heart. Big love to all of you Taylors. You know the little warrior would approve!

  20. Wonderful news he will have much love for the rest of his life. Happy for you and him

  21. I am so happy for you, Rudi and Dan. I’m sure Harley is happy as he looks down on Fernando. You made the right decision to go,with your hearts. I am looking foreward to watching your family blossom with new stories and making new memories.,best wishes, Mary Ann.🐶🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. After following Harley and loving him more than I could ever imagine (never mind what he meant to you and Dan), seeing Fernando is a new found joy! Thank you for opening your hearts and home and for continuing to share with all of Harley’s friends….special moments of love and kindness at a time we all could use just a little bit more…

  23. Love to see you continuing on with Harley’s mission. I look forward to your posts and am glad the healing has included adopting Fernando. So happy he is feeling better 🙂 Thank you for opening up your hearts to him AND to us. Love your blog and the photos you post. Ferny looks so cute in his sweater! Grace and peace to all of you.

  24. Bless his little heart! I am so glad his mouth is feeling better. He looks so cute exploring the grounds of the cabin. He can now lead the life he so deserves with a watchful heavenly eye from Harley! I am so happy you adopted him.

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  25. what a sweetie he is and so lucky to have you an have been saved and given a great new life with lots of love

  26. Oh my, those photos do remind me of Harley exploring. So glad you now have Fernando, no dog can ever replace another but they can expand our hearts and our lives as we make room for “just one more”.

  27. I am so honored to know, even by email, people with such loving hearts. Before my beloved Herbie died at the age of 16.5 years I knew I had to have another senior. I fostered and adopted my senior girl and she has been part of my life for over 3 years now. Adopting a senior is extra love

  28. Thank You for loving him and for sharing him with us. We will always miss Harley, but there is room for another in our hearts.

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