Fernando’s Health

Fernando (8)Fernando is quickly adjusting to being a member of the Taylor family. It’s almost as if he has always been with us! We know that many of you have asked questions about his health and after a few veterinary visits over the past couple days, we can now provide as much information as possible.

All dogs that arrive at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue receive a medical evaluation to determine their needs and they are provided any necessary veterinary care. There were some concerns with Fernando, but it was important to Dan and I that Fernando see our veterinarians here in Colorado since he would be living with us, and the great folks at Muttville agreed to let us provide that.

The immediate issue for Fernando is taking care of his mouth. He hasn’t many teeth left and those he has are rotten and loose. He also appears to have suffered a substantial amount of bone/jaw loss. He has at least one fistula (opening through the roof of his mouth into his nasal cavity). Fernando had been in pain for quite some time. Once he arrived at Muttville he was put on antibiotics and pain relief medicine for this.

Before Fernando could undergo anesthesia for the dental work he needed a cardiac evaluation because his preliminary exam revealed some concerns about his heart – and it was necessary to make sure he was a candidate for anesthesia. Yesterday, Dr Heaney (cardiologist at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists) spent a great deal of time with Fernando which included an EKG and an echo-cardiogram. The findings are: grade 3 heart murmur caused by defective heart valves, enlargement of certain areas of his heart, minor arrhythmia, and low grade pulmonary hypertension. These conditions aren’t terribly uncommon in a dog Fernando’s age, and none are currently life-threatening. With proper care and medicine, Fernando should enjoy a much longer life.

Fernando visited Dr Bradley (internist at VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado) for a general exam and her findings were consistent with those of the Muttville veterinarian. She ordered a couple more tests and we discussed Fernando’s missing eye, his crippled leg, his good eye and his hearing. His right rear leg is deformed, most likely caused by a long-term permanently luxated patella, this has led to muscle atrophy and there really is nothing we can do about that. It doesn’t appear that Fernando is feeling pain due to his crippled leg. We are hoping that Dr Roberts (ophthalmologist at Animal Eye Center PC) can have a look at Fernando’s missing eye while he is under anesthesia for his dental work. We’ll know more after that exam. He has limited vision in his good eye and his hearing is impaired as well. There is a high point mid-way down Fernando’s spine that likely was caused by a slipped disc at one time in his life, this isn’t causing him pain.

Fernando is funny, happy and very loving … and he is tremendously grateful.

Fernando’s comfort and quality of life are of the utmost importance to us. His dental surgery with Dr Sitzman (dentist at Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists) is scheduled for Tuesday and after that, Fernando’s future will be looking very bright!



  1. ..
    Much love to precious Fernando♥♥

    Looks like angel Harley’s little *soul/shadow* ♥

  2. You are Fernando’s angels and I know that he will have a wonderful life with you for as long as God allows you that privilege. Thanks so much for this informative update. And thank you for giving Fernando the home that Harley knew you would give him.

  3. Thanks to all that has given this small pup a chance. Fernando’s in great hands now. It’s only great things that will happen for him now. Give him a few weeks and his true personality will shine thru 😀 ♥

  4. Thank God Fernando is your family! We have had similar medical issues with older puppy mill rescue chihuahuas we have adopted. With a good team of specialists he can live a comfortable happy life. We are praying for him.

  5. Even though Fernando has some health issues, it seems he will be ok with proper medical attention and the loving care of Rudi and Dan. He is so adorable. He looks so happy and that is important. Harley’s spirit I believe drew you both toward him because he knows how much your hearts were empty with his presence. I am a firm believer in spiritual love. Fernando will never replace Harley but the similarities of the two are a gift to you from Harley. Be happy with your new family member Fernando.

  6. I know firsthand how greatfull a rescued little dog can be, isn’t it something! Fernando you are very Loved and I’m so happy for you and your new family..Another story with a Happy ending!!

  7. I am so happy that Fernando found his forever home with the most loving and caring parents. We love you Fernando! I am sure Harley is so happy for all of you.

  8. Fernando reminds me of Harley. Although he does have two eyes. No disrespect intended. I can see he needed saving. Poor guy. I hope he gets to enjoy many years in your family. Such a cute little boy!! Welcome to the Taylor family Fernando!! ❤❤❤

  9. I don’t know where I’ve been that I missed this but I’m so happy for Fernando! Harley would approve!

  10. While tearing up reading this touching story of courage, resilience, survival and most of all love. I wish Fernando all the very best while undergoing all of his medical trials and tribulations and a very speedy recovery. A Special Prayer to Fernando and to you Taylor family, for all that you’re doing for your furry companions, but also for all the work you’re doing to help the many out there in need of a human voice to speak on their behalf. Wishing you continued success in raising peoples awareness towards the dreaded puppy mills, but also raising awareness that these furry babies are living beings, not disposable objects.
    God Bless you Fernando… God Bless you all! 🙂

  11. I just happened to see this on my internet page. There wasn’t anything on my Facebook. I had been following precious Harley for quite some time and my heart broke when he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I am so extremely thrilled that you have adopted Fernando. I do believe Harley had something to do with it. I have lost precious fur babies in my life and it is devastating to say the least, but I have learned through many years that there is always a precious little one that needs us. I currently have 3 rescues, a Yorkie with tummy issues on a special diet, a wonderful Husky that was hit by a car and lost a hind leg, and a Boston Terrier that the people didn’t want anymore. As long as I’m on this earth, I will always care for precious animals. Thank you so much for being such caring people.

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