Welcome to our family, Fernando

We are happy to announce that Fernando is no longer our foster dog, but instead he is a member of our family! We love him …. and he seems to love us back, and we think he needs us.  AND we know that Harley would approve 100%!

Tiny Fernando was found running in city traffic and then was thrown in a shelter where he certainly would have been euthanized, but fortunately Muttville Senior Dog Rescue of San Francisco took him in. We asked the awesome folks at Muttville if we could foster Fernando and they worked with us to transport Fernando to Colorado. Last night we brought him home from the airport and before we even arrived home … we were in love with this special little Chihuahua.

Fernando is about 12 years old and he comes with a variety of physical ailments, but we can make sure he is happy and comfortable for the rest of his life.

Enjoy his photos below!

Fernando (1) Fernando (6) Fernando (5) Fernando (7) Fernando (4) Fernando (2) Fernando (3)


  1. Thank u for taking him in. He will enjoy his life now. Really happy for all.

    • I knew when you first posted about him he would end up being ours, I just knew it !!!!!!!!

      • In a way, he will be “ours” just like Harley, thanks to his mom and dad, without their voice for Harley we would’ve never known about his plight and the plight of those that came before and sadly after him. I feel like I “knew” him even though I never met him. Can’t wait to get to know Fernando.

    • So happy for you Fernando. You could have not have a more perfect family! And YES Harley had something to do with this adoption. Can’t wait to follow your beautiful story from now on… XXXX

  2. Weeping.. not surprised… I love you and Dan…I am so filled with grace thinking I never would have “met” you if my little chi hadn’t come into my life, after 17 yrs without a canine four paw (I did have three cats)

    It’s all a lucious, sweet quilt…

    Oh my Rudi… I am so very happy for you Dan, Fernando and the Taylor pack.


  3. I think he is an absolute doll. God bless him and you for what you do. I would guess Harley is giggling at his new brother’s ears !
    Good luck

  4. Thank you for bringing Fernando into your family and loving him 💜💜💜he very precious and sweet!!

  5. That is so awesome of you guys to take such special care of adorable Fernando!!! He will definantly be happy and love happy endings!!!

  6. Sugar boy — you have hit the lottery of love and affection coming in your direction! Thank you to all involved!

  7. I am thrilled Fernando needs you as much as you need him. Harley is looking down on you and smiling. Another being will never replace Harley it will strengthen your work in animal welfare. I am glad he found his way into your loving home.

  8. Fernando is one very lucky dog & I am certain Harley would be very happy you have adopted him 💙

    • Harley is smiling down on Fernando. He reminds me of Harley and he is one lucky little dog to be in this family. God Bless. Prayers and hugs

  9. Harley is smiling down on Fernando. He reminds me of Harley and he is one lucky little dog to be in this family. God Bless. Prayers and hugs

  10. Fernando is one lucky boy, I’m sure Harley would approve of him. Good luck Rudy and Dan I know how much you still miss our dear Harley, he will always be with us in our hearts but I think rescuing Fernando is going to be a good thing , he will be happy in his new home with a mom and dad who will love and care for him. Love, Mary Ann.🐶❤️

  11. Oh Fernando….you are so lucky! These humans are some of the best in the world! Hold on tight little guy you are in for a fabulous ride!

  12. What a beautiful face. I see him laughing. I’m sure he’ll have a very beautiful live with you and Dan and all the other animals. Thanks for taking him into your family. I’m so glad to read this…

  13. It’s a very good deed done to take care of this Chihuahua which had suffered so much.

  14. He could be Harleys long lost brother,they do resemble each other,love you both for being able to care for him and all the others,god bless

  15. Fernando you are gonna love your new home! You are such a handsome little man! Thank you Rudi and Dan for adding him to your family! Bless his heart.

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  16. Oh…Rudi and Dan! He is so lucky to have you guys for his parents!! I’m so excited for him and for both of you. He reminds me of Harley and I cna’t wait to hear how he does!

  17. He is sooooooo adorable!!!!!!!he was meant to be yours.I believe Harley had something to do with this!!!!!!I hope their will be a Fernando tshirt coming 🙂

  18. So happy for Fernando and you Rudi and Dan! You are truly special and amazing people and all your pups have been blessed to have you as parents. I have four older rescues and tho the medical issues are there and costly, I surely wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you again!

  19. You guys are the BEST!! Fernando looks like he is smiling…wow did he luck out to find you guys and what will be a amazing home for him. <3 I know having to say goodbye to sweet Harley has left a huge hole in your hearts and he can never be replaced…but this little sweetie looks like he will help fill that hole in a little!!

  20. So glad you decided to make him a part of your family ..I know he will be one of the most loved dogs iyou have.. Such a blessing for you and him!

  21. Congratulations on your new baby. He reminds me of Harley man. He’s going to have the best life ever. 💋

  22. I already LOVE Fernando and know Harley would be so happy he is with you! Looking forward to hearing more about him – thank you for what you do

  23. Such a precious boy…no doubt dear Harley had a “paw” in this. He just can’t see you so sad all the time! He’s sent you an angel…the earthly kind. God bless all of you.

  24. So happy for Fernando and your family. Those ears!! I just had a feeling he would be staying. I just didn’t think it would happen so fast. With some it just takes that instant. Happened with 2 of mine. Harley I’m sure is smiling down upon you all.

  25. Congratulations Fernando!!! And congratulations to Fernando’s loving new pawrents!!! I know this is a match made in Heaven…assisted by a cute little angel named Harley! May you have many happy, healthy, loving years together!!! 🐾🐾❤💛💚💙💜

  26. I’m so glad that Fernando has a home and you have a new darling to share with us. Harley, I know, is watchng over you all. Thank you for sharing. Welcome, Little Fernando. You have the best home you could get.

  27. I’m sure Harley approves of his new sibling, he’s right there with ya’ll showing Fernando the ropes🐕💙! God Bless all of you!

  28. Handsome little guy. He is lucky to have you. And I know Harley would be pleased.

  29. My family is so thrilled to see him with a forever home. My teenage daughter was the one that saved him from being hit by a car. We cared for him for 3 weeks, however could not keep him due to our rambunctious 100 lb. Plott Hound, and knowing Fernando could end up hurt. My whole family fell in love with him and we worked hard at trying to find owners. Then reached out to a good friend who works with rescues, knowing she would find the right place for him. As you know by now… he loves to cuddle up in a blanket, but doesn’t like anyone to wrap the blanket around him. He loves his treats and will perk up with that cute face to get more. Thanks to the rescue and new owners for taking him in. So glad he will be loved like he should and not left somewhere alone.

  30. His little face shows so much gratitude and appreciation. Just love this little one.

  31. Quickest foster failure ever. Congratulations, Fernando! You just landed in the most wonderful place imaginable!

  32. God bless,Finally this gorgeous little doggie will get the life He deserves.God bless go forth and prosper

  33. Rudi And Zoie, He Is Precious! Thank You For Rescuing Him. I Know You Will Love And Give Him The Best Care You Can. Welcome Home, Fernando😊💙

  34. Wow heaven was shining on this little boy! Hes now the luckiest dog ever!!!!!

  35. I am not surprised but so very happy for you all. Praying this little guy will start to heal your broken hearts.
    Love you all!!

  36. Bless you both. I know Harley will be thrilled! Fernando thanks you too I’m sure. You are wonderful people. Thank you for what you do for those that can’t speak and do for themselves. You are truly Angels!

  37. That poor baby boy! He looks like he’s been totally neglected and abused. :'( He sure is living with the right family now, no matter how long he has on this earth, he will be totally LOVED!!! Harley is looking down at Ferdinand with his little tongue sticking out and a smile on his face. <3 <3 <3

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