Pawprints in the Sand

Harley and I were walking along the shore of Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula, Michigan (in July 2013) when I took the photo of our pawprints. I vividly remember taking the photo and thinking, “It will be nice to have this someday.” I guess that day has come and of course I’m glad I have this very special photo. What a beautiful day it was!  -Rudi (Harley’s mom)

Harley and Mom - our pawprints in the sand

Harley and Lake Superior
Harley and Lake Superior


  1. Beautiful photo. I see those tiny little paws that carried such a very big heart. Thanks for letting Harley learn what human love, companionship, and respect can be. You have helped so many


  2. Harley had such a special mission to fulfill that only HE could do. How our pets leave those footprints on our hearts is something only we truly understand. Such a little dog yet his touch is felt around the world!


  3. He was a handsome little boy enjoying the good life. Just wish he could have had more. He had a lot to give. God bless Rudi and Dan.


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