Fate Brought Harley To Us

We received the following message – and we appreciate the confidence that so many of you have in Dan and I. We were lucky to be the parents of such a special little dog, we always knew that. There REALLY WAS something extraordinary about Harley … there still is.

“I think it was fate that brought Harley, Dan and Rudi together. If anyone else had adopted Harley the story most likely would have been quite different. Rudi and Dan, whether they knew it or not, were the perfect parents for Harley and recognized that they were on a mission. Harley chose them because he knew they were the ones who would make his life mean something. And something it is. Thank you Dan and Rudi for recognizing and willingly forging ahead with Harley’s mission. You are making a huge difference in this ugly world of puppy mills. I thank you with all my heart. I know it’s a difficult path.” -Kathy

Dan, Rudi and Harley



  1. I loved Harley as so many of us did. He will live on in our hearts. He brought awareness to the terrible, despicable puppy mill industry. I hope someday soon there will be no more puppy mills.

  2. Every time I read one of these the tears flow. Harley was so special and we miss him even while his work goes on….Harley is well at last and his story continues to inspire and help. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. everything happens for a reason – you were meant to be together #HarleysDream

    • I too think Harley was meant to be with Dan and Rudi. Rudi knew it when she decided to travel to such a sad place to rescue her boy. It was like a miracle , that little dog was at deaths door and was somehow spared and if it wasn’t for Rudi we would have never had the chance to see and whitness what one little dog did for so many dogs stuck in puppy mills. From the time Harley was rescued he and his wonderful parents participated in so many life changing things. There is so much more I could say but most of us already know Harleys story. We are all trying to keep up the fight to shut down these awful puppy mills and we can if we all,stick together. Rudi, please know how many people are there for you, so we can finally say it’s over we won. Sincerely, Mary Ann Gardner.

  4. God bless you both, for changing this little guys life…and I know without a doubt that he changed yours. You were the perfect match! Harley knew how much you loved him and he savored every moment of it, as did you ❤

  5. Because of Rudi and Dan, Harley’s story and legacy will continue to live on,even after the last puppy mill is shut down. Rudi, Dan, and Harley have restored our faith in humanity and have given us hope for a better tomorrow. May God bless each of them.
    Sincerely, Cindy Koether

  6. Thank you Dan and Rudi for carrying on Harley’s dream and being a wonderful parent to these poor dogs. Because of Harley, my eye was opened. Please carry on his dream.

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