Harley’s Firsts

Harley made the following facebook post last January. That house was filled with ‘firsts’ for Harley – and thanks to Harley, there were many firsts for us as well. Such wonderful, wonderful memories!

“This was my last romp in the grass at my ‘old’ house. I’ll always have fond memories of this place. It’s where I learned about rolling in the grass and the great outdoors, it’s where I learned about horses, rabbits and neighboring dogs, it’s where I learned about stairs and toys and family … and LOVE. But it’s okay, because my next house will be just as wonderful.” -Harley, January 2016


  1. Will I ever get over tearing up when I ready anything from Harley? Will I ever get over his absence?

  2. Miss that little dog, I never got to meet and hold him, but seeing his posts every day were such a joy. He and national mill dog rescue taught me about puppy mills. I knew about the horrors of kill shelters, but not about where those cute little puppies come from. He opened my eyes, and I now tell anybody who will listen about the inhumane treatment the dogs in the Mills have to endure. This Memory just brought tears to my eyes. You are such a sweet little hero Harley, and your dream will survive, and your hard work Will soon lead to the end of a puppy mills. #Harley’sDreamKeepers #Harley’sHeroes

  3. Harley has a new house and is cured and has lots of grass to roll and run in and lots of friends and having more adventures. Love him always.

  4. There was so much to learn that you had missed out on until you found the love that you had deserved all along. We pray the day will come when no animal misses the chance to be what they are meant to be.

  5. Sweet Harley, I never got to meet or hold you, but seeing your posts everyday have always made me smile. You and NMDR are the reason I know about puppy mills and the atrocities that are committed by them. Now I tell everyone who will listen all about it. Your dream will come true. We all work toward that goal! Love you sweet angel!

  6. I remember your post. I know your parents are sad that they don’t have all the memories of you in their new house but YOUR new house is in the hearts and minds of everyone you’ve touched and continue to touch.

  7. Dear sweet little Harley. So thankful for the happy years, sad that there were not more of them. My heart still aches when I think of you being gone.

  8. When Harley came across the rainbow bridge St.Francis was there to welcome him. He took him to the most beautiful meadows where he could play with all the other animals, roll in the grass and be happy and carefree. Every now and then the Lord Jesus comes by to pat Harley and hold him for a moment in His arms like He used to do with His sheep. I am sure Harley is an angel now and he is guarding those wonderful people who saved him and gave him such good care. To them St.Francis says: PAX ET BONUM. Peace and all good.

  9. Sorry I meant to say I miss this little guy. He is resting and just waiting to see you once again.

  10. I learned about puppy mills from you Harley and your parents , also Teddy and his parents . Well done !!

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