Harley was a Shining Star

The following message came from Harley’s sweet friend, Gae:

“I can’t even remember how I started to follow Harley, but I know that once I saw that adorable, sweet face, I was a fan forever. His facebook page was the FIRST thing I checked every morning and I looked forward to ending my night with his goodnight message.

“With all the sadness and negativity in the world, Harley was a true shining star. He proved that you don’t have to be big in size to make a big impact. On days when I didn’t want to get up or was having a stressful day, seeing his posts doing his non-stop activities in his adorable sweaters made me smile and laugh. He went through so much and still trusted and loved, he saw life through rose-colored glasses. I wish we could all be like that. I know myself, along with all of Harley’s fans cried a bucket of tears when he went to the rainbow bridge, but I know his spirit is here, spreading the word about puppy mills.

“This is my favorite picture because it ALWAYS makes me smile.”

Love, Gae





  1. love this picture as well – so laid back – even with his greatness

  2. I love all the pictures posted here and Facebook. Love you all and THANK YOU for all you’ve done and continue to do!!! Harley lives on!!❤👍

  3. what a beautiful photo of you HARLEY miss you forever and ever XXXXXXX

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