The Hog

“Harley had a nickname that very few people knew about. He was also known as ‘The Hog’. I actually had a few names for Harley such as: Mister, Old Man, Brindle and Kissy Boy … but I referred to him as The Hog most of the time. I think I only called him Harley if I was talking to someone about him. I sure do miss The Hog.” -Dan (dad)

Harley and his dad, Dan
Harley and his dad, Dan


  1. Aww….such a sweet picture and a nice memory. I have names for my Jasper, too, that I only use with him. I love and miss Harley, but I do a blog for our kitty, Lumas, who is at the Bridge and many times he will mention Harley joining them for campouts and parties. Thanks again for sharing these wonderful memories of a wonderful dog.

  2. You know you’re family when everyone has a nickname – we have them for our two girls as well

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