About Harley’s Song

The following was written to Harley’s parents from Mike Callan:

Mike Callan and his little dog, Tiffany
Mike Callan and his little dog, Tiffany

“I came across Harley’s facebook page purely by accident just a month or so before his passing. I’ve always been against any kind of abuse towards animals but I really didn’t know the real story about puppy mills. It wasn’t until I started following Harley that I learned the truth about them. I always enjoyed seeing Harley’s daily posts especially since we have a rescue chihuahua ourself. Rudi, I’ll never forget the day when I saw your post about Harley’s passing. I can tell you that I was in total shock and deeply saddened. It was almost like I had lost one of my own. So much so that despite of just having major cancer surgery I felt like I needed to write a song about Harley for you and Dan. I’ve written songs before about important people in my life but I’ve NEVER had such a strong pull on my heart to write one like this before. It took me over a month to finish it because of my rough recovery period but I want you to know that I started to write it practically the day I read your post. That is after I shed a bunch of tears for you and Dan. I know I never got to meet or hold Harley but I felt like I knew him. I also felt the deep love you and Dan had for him. If you have another get together for Harley next year I want to be there. Harley taught me a lot about inward beauty and how special we are despite our outward flaws.” -Mike Callan

Please watch Let Us Hold Harley Again, written and performed by Mike Callan:

View Let Us Hold Harley Again on YouTube.


  1. The day will come when I cross Rainbow Bridge with all the pets I have ever had. I will either stop in the meadows before the bridge to hold Harley, or if he is not there we will find him, Rudi, and Dan on the other side! I am a devout Christian, but the other side of the Bridge and Heaven sound a lot alike to me. I’m planning to “hold Harley again”!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾

  2. I watched this again today and again with my hubby. I probably will cry every time I see it. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. so true was that he was like your child.we all love & miss him so much.but one day we will be able to HOLD HARLEY AGAIN.

  4. It is hard to imagine as we walk this life with our beloved pets, just how much along the way we absorb them into our soul. Maybe this is why the goodbyes are so, so hard. Harley, one day, I will get to hold you for the first time, and possibly many times after that in Heaven. Thank you Mike for the beautiful tribute.

  5. This touched my heart like nothing else. So beautifully bittersweet. Rudi and Dan there are so many of us with you. We must do all we can to keep his memory alive even though I know it must be so hard for you. Thank you for Harley.

  6. Thanks for putting into words the emotions so many of us have for Harley.

  7. I remember the first time I heard this song and how the tears flowed and it still does that for me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Listened to this at work. It brought tears to my eyes. So very special for a very special little pup. <3

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