Handmade With Love

Dan and I continue to be so amazed and humbled by all of the wonderful gifts and sentiments from those whose lives were touched by Harley. It was no exception when a package arrived that instantly brought tears (but smiles!). It contained the most beautiful handmade quilt with a wonderful likeness of our boy, along with an equally gorgeous appliqued tote and matching cosmetic bag. These breathtaking gifts were accompanied by this letter:

Dear Dan and Rudi,

Since Harley’s death, we have been thinking about a way to memorialize him. We decided to use our sewing and quilt making talent to honor his memory. We are sisters who live more than halfway across the country from each other, and who both fell in love with Harley on Facebook. His ‘goodnight posts’ became a part of our daily routine and we enjoyed watching his journey. He opened our eyes to the evils of puppy mills. We will spread the word to all we meet.

Please accept these gifts with our love in remembrance of Harley. Our cousin, Donna, volunteered to do the quilting on the project to ‘pay it forward’ in honor of her beloved companion, Harrison, and all rescue dogs.

With love,
Joyce and Sandra

Harley quilt (2)

Harley quilt (5)

Harley quilt (4)

Harley quilt (3)

Harley quilt (1)

Appliqued Harley Tote Bag (1)

Appliqued Harley Tote Bag (3)

Appliqued Harley Tote Bag (2)





  1. Simply stunning…
    Made with such love..
    I too am *speechless*..
    and my tears fall..
    in a *good* way..

    Harley’s love and impact is unending..
    and I’ll always believe he *knows* ♥♥

  2. Those are absolutely beautifully made! Great way to remember Harley!

  3. These items are so beautiful and so was our man Harley! He taught us so much and educated so many about puppy mills and because of him and Teddy these mills will be closed down one day!

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  4. I too have tears at the beauty Harley brought to so many! The littlest dog with the biggest impact on the world!!

  5. This is beautiful!!!!! So talented!!!
    These ladies could make more and sale them… I know I would buy one!!! What a wonderful way to memorize “Harley”. He truly is missed by many❤️🐾

  6. Wow, how beautiful! Harley has truly brought out the beauty and goodness in people. It is an inspiration to know that in the midst of all that is happening around the world, there are still good people in the world.

  7. I found this just breathtaking. I know they were made with love, but they really are just beyond description with words. I know they were made for Harley’s family. Perhaps the sisters will come together in the future to make more items like this to benefit Harley’s new fund. I am sure people would be clamoring to have their own tote bag and perhaps just a mini-quilt. Reading this just warmed my heart, knowing such selfless people exist.

  8. So very heart warming and what a likeness to sweet Harley <3 always think about this special boy <3 what a love even in heaven <3

  9. How lovely. And the accompanying letter as well. Thanks again for sharing with us. I wish I had the talent these ladies and their cousin do.

  10. As a quilter myself….there is so much pride and heartfelt love that is put into a
    handmade quilt….I wish I had thought of it first!! So beautiful!!!

  11. I cannot believe how beautiful this is – makes me wish I could create something so special

  12. That’s a beautiful quilt! I’m a quilter and they did a great job!!!

    Elizabeth M Veilleux

  13. How wonderful! So many of us loved little one. He was special and is always around you. Beautiful!

  14. That is so, so beautiful. So thoughtful for them to put all the time and effort into this. And such a wonderful likeness to Harley. You are blessed Rudi and Dan. That’s what happens when you bless others. May God continue to comfort you.

  15. Eyes…leaking. What beautifully done handcrafted items! Keepsakes forever!

  16. WOW! Every piece is breathtakingly beautiful. And what an awesome gift from the heart of these sisters and their cousin. I have no skills so when I see something like this gift and all the others from people whose hearts were touched by Harley and his dream to end puppy mills, I am in awe. And to share their skills and their generous hearts in honoring Harley and his mission. To you, Rudi and Dan, thanks for allowing all of us to share in the life of Harley. A tiny soul with a huge message. You are missed, Harley, from the depths of our hearts, you ARE missed. .

  17. Such a gift, a labor of love. Each of those I am sure you will hold dear to your heart!

  18. So special, and beautiful. He is grinning from one ear to the next seeing these also.

  19. There are no Words…You did lovely work Ladies… Such nice Gifts

  20. How beautiful. I never new about puppy mills until I found Harley in fb. I spread the word about Harley an the puppy mills and how horrible they are. Harley has touched me in so many ways. I miss him #HarleysDream

  21. Beautiful I never new about puppy mills until I met Harley on fb. He talk to anyone who will listen about Harley an them nasty puppy mills. He has touched my life an heart in so many ways. We miss him. #HarleysDream

  22. It is beautiful! What a great way to honor Harleys memory! ♡♡


  23. Just beautiful! Harley touched the world with all of his love. Lovely ladies!

  24. I wish I were talented enough to make such beautiful gifts, everything is just breathtaking and so unique! I know Rudi and Dan will be thrilled to use these items in Harley’s honor.

  25. What a precious labor of love for the little dog with a big dream. It’s a Devine plan that this broken little boy found love and life with his family which would give their voice to his life’s work. Don’t know many souls down here who’ve loved as well as he. So open wide the heavenly gates, our Harley’s running free. This story of #Harley #A little dog with a big dream is carried around this world on the wings of angels.

  26. Exquisite quilt!!! Beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul, our Harley. I never cease to be amazed at how a tiny, little six pound dog touched the hearts of thousands around the world………

    • These gifts are beautiful. To honor Harley in this way is remarkable. Such talent. Harley, the little dog with a big dream. I miss you so much little man. Teddy is carrying on your dream Harley. ❤❤❤❤

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