A Stone for Harley’s Garden

A wonderful roundish stone arrived in the mail especially to be placed in Harley’s garden.  Along with the stone was the following story written by Harley’s friend, Linda:

“I had an iris garden on a piece of property belonging to a school adjacent to my property. For eight years, the stone always showed up when I was digging and weeding. I never placed it, yet it was in a different place every time. When the school needed to expand their parking lot, I lost my garden privileges. The stone is all that is left after 11 years. I would be honored if you would continue to give it a home.”

And so today this special stone was placed in Harley’s garden. Enjoy the photos below.

Harley's garden 2
Harley's garden 1 (1)
Harley's garden 3
Harley's garden 4
Harley’s Garden is located in a sunny spot in our yard and soon we’ll be adding more flowers and another small tree. It’s becoming more beautiful each day. Please feel free to send a small stone for the garden (you can write on it with a sharpie if you wish) and we’ll include it in a special arrangement.

Please send to:
Harley Taylor
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513


  1. Beautiful story Linda. Thank You for sharing.
    The stone and the garden is beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful and treasured garden stone.
    I will be sending my “garden stone” for Harley’s memorial garden. What a beautiful and peaceful place to walk around at Harley’s Secret Garden of Love🐶❤️🌷☘🌻🌹🌸🌿🍃
    I hope I get the opportunity to walk and visit Harley’s garden one day.

  3. What a beautiful idea to share this very special rock with you and for you to place it in such a special garden. <3

  4. I wish I could attend,but I’m in N.C.and can’t attend,however I’m ready to see it on my phone live. I miss this little man. Please give Teddy a hug and kiss fir me and let him know,he can do this with Harley with him in his heart.

  5. Love this story, it was a very special thing for Linda to do. The garden will be beautiful.

  6. You know how much I love rocks and stones. Beautiful. Story is heart warming.

  7. What a beautiful story. The stone meant something special to her and it was very thoughtful of her to send it. She, like so many of us, loved Harley and appreciate your sharing of him with us. Harley was so very special and very well loved.

    • Carol – No, Harley isn’t buried, he was cremated. But at some point we will spread some of his ashes over his memorial garden. I just haven’t felt ready to do that yet. ~Rudi (Harley’s mom)

  8. So Beautiful…..Thank you for Blessing us here…….. Surely this is a God send from Harley’s love…………..the St. Francis of Assisi statue I had near my back fence has disappeared? (I always felt that it made the animals feel safe to venture close for we had many fox bear their young under our shed, ground hogs, birds of all kind, squirrels, all kind of wildlife coming close by (we live close to a rural area). It is lovely to see Harley’s Garden has the same! Blessings and I know Harley loves the Iris as much as We do!! Beautiful, special rocks, Iris, and St Francis Statue, Harley is surely looking down with pride and love. Blessings and love. Thank you

  9. I love the idea of Harley’s Heroes sending stones for his garden. I want to find a very special one to send. I love and miss Harley very much, and the garden is getting more beautiful by the day!

  10. This garden will grow from strength to strength and I know that Harley’s spirit will always be there. His body has left this world, but his spirit never will.

  11. What a beautiful story, and a beautiful place for it to live. I am sending a stone with a story. It’s coming from England. xx

  12. how beautiful and sad – sorry you lost the garden – the stone is perfect in Harley’s Garden –

  13. How beautiful. I love the pictures of the Irises. My sister made a garden of Irises when we were children and she knew every name and it looked like a patchwork quilt. I am getting the blogs in my email now. Thanks so much.

  14. Beautiful story I read about Harley, about what he indured and finding a great family who loved him deeply.sorry I didn’t get to ever meet Harley but I know he was a terrific dog! Thanks penny Cain

  15. It’s so Beautiful & a Beautiful story behind it. No better way to honor Harley & this stone 💋❤️🐶

  16. Thanks for sharing how beautiful Harley will always be remembered at my Son’s and his grampys In Honor In Memory Park my Lil Hurricane Peanut/Tiny Tyfoon was a rescue from puppy mill in Mitchell Nebraska loves hugs🐕💜✌❌⭕😽🐊😿😿

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