Kibble Coffee

One of Harley’s favorite stories … as told by Harley!

“A long time ago mom discovered that she could use the coffee grinder to grind up my kibble, but… she never told dad. Dad learned the hard way by making ‘kibble coffee’ a few times. Personally I think it must be pretty tasty stuff. Anyway, mom thought it was all funny, dad did not. It caused quite a scene at my house.”

Harley and the coffee mug

This coffee mug and other ‘Harley to the Rescue’ merchandise can be found at National Mill Dog Rescue’s CafePress store.


  1. We grind kibble here too – I can only imagine how surprised your dad was to taste kibble coffee! He should have been able to tell by the color that it wasn’t coffee – he must have been half asleep!

  2. French Roast Starbucks!!!
    Bah hum bug!
    What da big deal?????
    You just want to suck down a cup of dark brown something.

  3. that is really funny – sounds like a good idea – but the coffee grinder is like the vacuum to my too and they don’t like the noise

  4. This is so funny! I can just see Rudi’s expression when Dan finds out lol. Plus, you’ve probably given puppy mill dog moms a great idea so a lot more puppy dad’s will get to taste the “new brew” 🙂

  5. Pawdorable !! Our convenience store save ,Katarina ,likes a drop of coffee on her morning pupster food . Maybe from drinking out of old coffee cups !!
    Love you angel Harley !!we speak up for the voiceless!!!

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