Kisses from Harley

We loved doing events with Harley, and Harley loved it too! It was fun talking to people, telling Harley’s story and educating about puppy mills. Harley was never stressed. He enjoyed the attention and was willing to be held by most anyone. He would even give kisses sometimes!  In the following photos Harley is giving some love to Amber at the American Humane Association office in Palm Beach.

Amber and Harley at Palm Beach AHA (1)Amber and Harley at Palm Beach AHA (2)

Amber and Harley at Palm Beach AHA (3)


  1. Yup, if I was a little boy dog I would kiss a pretty lady like that.❤️

  2. I’ll never forget this day! I finally got to meet Harley, Dan and Rudi. I got to hold Harley and hug and kiss him, and received many kisses in return. I share his story wherever I go.

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