Without You

A while back, Aubrie Kavanaugh of Paws4Change asked us to make a video clip of Dan slow dancing with Harley. So we made the video and she used it in a project she developed for National Mill Dog Rescue using a Martin Page song called “I Can’t Get There Without You.” This particular video is one of two that we submitted to Aubrie. Can you tell how much Dan loved his boy?

You can watch “Without You” here:

Watch “Without You” on YouTube at this link.


  1. The message is so beautiful. Thank you for this video. When it got to Harley and Dan I burst out in boo hoos. Truly tears, sobs, bawling. I showed it to Bill and and cried again. Then I was talking about it with Bill and again I was just full of tears again.
    Truly, yes, Dan loved that little man so much. I can’t imagine how empty his arms feel now.

  2. This is one of my personal favorites done for National Mill Dog Rescue; the fact that it includes short clips of Harley and Teddy “slow dancing,” just makes it all the more precious. One of the other folks who provided me with a slow dancing clip marveled at how that small act helped to soothe her former mill dog who is blind. I’d like to think that slow dancing is now one of their regular activities.

    When I heard this Martin Page song for the first time, I knew it would be a perfect fit. Thanks to Martin and his manager, Diane Poncher, for so graciously allowing use of the song and thanks to all those who volunteer for and lead National Mill Dog Rescue each and every day. Harley’s legacy is strong.

  3. what a powerful message – shared the youtube version so all can see how wonderful it is – #HarleysDream

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful and touching video.   I shared with as many friends that I thought would care enough to share. Harley will on in my heart forever.  Hopefully some day there will be no more little Harley’s living a life of horror at a puppy mill.

  5. Such a lovely video. These dogs must think they’re in heaven, compared to where they were. Loving a dog is such a wonderful experience, and rescuing a dog is a privilege that not enough people even consider. Hopefully this video will be another way to raise awareness, so that more dogs like these can find their own loving homes. Sharing this for sure.

  6. So touching. Tears were overwelming while watching this Keep up your good cause. You all are angels.

  7. What a beautiful song It’s a it all.
    Thank you for all that you do for putting more dogs.
    God bless you!!!

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