Aloha Pepe says “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

Aloha Pepe is spreading the message about puppy mills via a page in his new comic book which will soon be presented at Comic Con in Hawaii!  Be sure to follow Pepe on Facebook.

Aloha Pepe comic


  1. This is fantastic! Correct me if wrong is this the first time for puppy mills to be in a comic? Because I have never heard of one before.
    The awareness is all around the world.
    Thank you ALOHA PEPE!!♡

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    • Aloha! This is a page from my first self published experimental comic book. It’s chockfull of nutty cartoon stories about me as well as serious ones like this. My second Aloha Pepe comic book will have collected cartoon stories including one where Super Pepe joins forces with a a new team of dog superheroes who happen to be puppy mill survivors.


  2. I met Harley 3 times, I love him and have taught my grandchildren not to buy from pet shops, because their mommy’s and daddy’s live in puppy mills

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