Harley was the Magic Man

We appreciate the confidence that so many of Harley’s fan and supporters have in Dan and I, but quite honestly, Harley was magical – we sometimes called him the Magic Man. There was something extraordinary about Harley … there still is.

The following message came from from Kathy Argentiere.

“I think it was fate that brought Harley, Dan and Rudi together. If anyone else had adopted Harley the story most likely would have been quite different. Rudi and Dan, whether they knew it or not, were the perfect parents for Harley and recognized that they were on a mission. Harley chose them because he knew they were the ones who would make his life mean something. And something it is. Thank you Dan and Rudi for recognizing and willingly forging ahead with Harley’s mission. You are making a huge difference in this ugly world of puppy mills. I thank you with all my heart. I know it’s a difficult path.”

Harley with his Mom & Dad at the Lady in Red Gala, Palm Beach, Dec 2015.
Harley with his Mom & Dad at the Lady In Red Gala, Palm Beach, Dec 2015.


  1. Harley really inspired me with his commitment to his dream #HarleysDream

  2. There is and always will be something so very special about the little “Magic Man”! Harley touched so many lives, so many hearts, and mine is one of them. Forever in my heart, sweet boy. I love you always! ❤️😘🌻❤️

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