When people would ask Harley “Why does your tongue hang out?” this is what he would say:

“You see, when I lived in the puppy mill I had to drink from a rabbit water bottle, I never lapped up water like a regular dogs did, so I was never able to rinse my mouth and bacteria grew and rotted my teeth away. I never saw the vet or had my teeth cleaned, so my teeth started to fall out. I still had a few teeth and even one big snaggle tooth when I was rescued, but eventually I had to have those removed. When I was born I had all 42 teeth and now I have none. I don’t mind too much, except they do help hold your tongue in.”

I believe it was Dogly that started the #TongueOutTuesday trend.  They were big supporters of Harley and they created a campaign to raise awareness about puppy mills. This campaign also raised funds for National Mill Dog Rescue through their Dogly Do Good Grant Program. Dogly is a fun mobile app that helps shelters and rescue. Learn more about it here: www.dogly.com

Tongue Out Tuesday


  1. Love your little tongue, Harley. In fact, there’s not one thing about you that I don’t love!! I hope your Mom and Dad are feeling a bit better these days….

  2. We all miss the little guy. TY for making me smile this morning. He is always around.

  3. This little dog touched my heart in an amazing way – what he and his family have done to raise awareness about puppy mills is amazing – long may they continue Harley’s legacy to end ALL puppy mills xx

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