Harley by Willa Zelinski

Harley’s been sketched and painted many times and I’m working on gathering photos of all the artwork which I will share in a future blog post. But meanwhile, this remarkable painting by Willa Zelinski arrived at our house a few days ago and we seriously cannot quit looking at it.  Willa captured Harley’s true essence … his wise and strong, yet calm and loving nature. So beautiful.

Harley painting by Willa Zelinski



  1. Stunning…
    Truly does capture Harley’s precious essence..
    Can almost feel his *kiss* ♥♥



  2. I understand why you can’t stop looking at this beautiful rendering of Harley. Photographs may capture poignant moments, but this piece has the overlay of artistic interpretation, straight from the soul.


  3. My daughter, Willa, created this beautiful likeness of sweet Harley. She just turned 16, and has quite a passion for animals as well as art. Harley’s story truly moved her. I’m so glad this piece brings you some joy. 💗 Rest in peace, Harley. 💙


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