Harley in New York City

Visiting NYC was so much fun! Besides the Today Show and HuffPost LIVE, we got to spend a little time at the Hallmark Channel and meet many of the people who worked there. Hallmark flew us to New York and provided us a beautiful hotel room and Harley was treated like royalty! Everywhere we went he was noticed and he loved the attention! In the first photo below, a family visiting from London spotted Harley and we spent some time talking with them. Harley was an ambassador, always keeping the dogs suffering in puppy mills in the forefront of his mind … he was on a mission, and he knew it!

Harley in NYC IMG_3489 IMG_3448 IMG_3573

IMG_3569 IMG_3582 IMG_3460


  1. I love best the butt shot of the little Hogster in the makeup mirror. Well love the best…it’s actually all of the Harley pictures I have ever seen.

  2. I love you Harley & miss you so much.i know you are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge & will always be with your family in spirit.<3

  3. Sweet Harley, you are such a little gentleman with your black bowtie. I love that picture!

  4. #HarleysDream I love and miss Harley so much but these posts keep me going. Thank you Rudi and Dan!

  5. Love the pictures! Harley has definitely made an impact on ending puppy mills! We must continue his fight! #HarleysDream! !

  6. #HarleysDream Such a wonderful life he had after being rescued. I could only imagine how he must have felt going from a puppy mill to being a beloved friend of so many. Good night Harley, miss you

  7. AMAZING Pictures. He was so loved….. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Harley takes Manhattan by storm ❤️❤️❤️😊

    From Uptown to Midtown and Downtown… Harley’s making headlines in New York Times Square!!!!


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