We would not have given up the LOVE

This photo was very difficult for me to take. Harley’s ashes are in the purple velvet and even though I know his spirit is alive and strong, I’m desperately missing his physical little body. The beautiful angel arrived in the mail (anonymously) right after Harley passed. Dan’s words are so true… I would never give up the love.      -Rudi


  1. Dan and Rudi, Harley not only touched your heart but he also touched your souls. We love all of our fur babies but once, maybe twice in our lifetime, a special one comes into our lives, and we have that “special connection. ” They have a way to communicate to us, mere humans, their needs, wants and love. A look, a bark, going in a circle or a simple tail wag has meaning that a stranger just doesn’t understand. I believe Harley had that connection with you both and you are so lucky to have been able to share that unconditional trust and love. I am so honored to have known all of you thru your Facebook and Instagram posts. I still share your grief and everyday I give my little ones extra hugs. My thoughts, prayers and condolences will always be with you. Harley was and always will be The Special Little Dog with a Big Dream.

  2. even though y’all shared Harley with the world no one feels the loss more than the two of you, telling you we are here for you are just words on a screen we mean what we say, we are here for you, though we can really only listen and feel your pain, I’m sorry your hurting so but I’m glad Harley found you rather than any one else,he loved you so much, just look at the pictures you took even though he had no teeth when you held him he smiled not only with his little mouth but with his eyes when you can see the love in a dogs eyes for his human you know you have been truly loved.

  3. You will never be forgotten sweet beloved Harley! Love you forever! ❤❤❤

  4. He was so special. I miss him every day. I can’t imagine your pain. God bless you and your family, furbabies and all. Big hugs!

  5. Dear folks, I have followed Harley on FB for a long long time. We also lost our rescue Pup Connor just before you lost Harley. My heart is broken for you as it is for me. I know your pain so well. There are tears in my eyes as I write this. So true about the love, that is why the pain is so great. hugs to you both. Annie >

  6. Thank you Rudi for sharing. Funny how we get so bonded with our fur kids that we find it hard to hide the pain their passes causes us. Recently I lost my 12 yr old pup to fast growing cancer/tumor that took her from me in less than a couple of weeks. Just like Harley, I thought we would have a bit more time together, but Mother Nature had other plans. Soon I will be receiving the call to pick her up and I will place her beside her sisters on the shelf where I will see them each day as I pass by going to work in my home office. There are days like today that I don’t feel like that hole in my soul with heal, but I know it will. Out there is another pup looking for me to be my “baby”, and we will find each other when the time is right. Sadie found me and I found her when she was a rescue from the desert of southern Nevada. She was my girl at 4 wks old and only 2.6 pounds. I lost her 12 yrs later. I really hope there is a Rainbow bridge and my pups are waiting on me to arrive one day. Then I would be whole again.

  7. What a Beautiful Picture….. sending you lots of hugs & Prayers. His Big little spirit still lives on. I miss seeing his little face……

  8. “There is a sacredness in tears.
    They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
    They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.

    They are the messengers of
    overwhelming grief…
    and unspeakable love.” ~ Washington Irving ♥ ♥

    #HarleysDream ♥ ♥

  9. Beautiful -isn’t it sad though that along with love pain is always there waiting to show its horrible toll.

  10. I know how you are feeling, and my heart aches for you. I have lost too many fur friends who meant the world to me and spent thousands of dollars to try to “fix” them, but i believe God wanted them to add color to the rainbow bridge. Now that dear Harley has passed over it shines brighter and has more colors than ever before! God bless you and I pray He eases your pain a little knowing how many people adored your little guy.

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