A sweet tribute from a friend

From one of Harley’s friends:

“I want you to know how much Harley inspired me every day. It was the first thing I looked for on my facebook feed. His goofy antics never ceased to make me smile. For a little guy, he had the heart of a giant. He made me a better person. With all that he overcame, he was never a bitter, angry dog, he just wanted love.”

Harley – July 2015 – Photo by Emily Sierra Taylor


  1. I still have a hard time accepting that he is gone. He was loved so hard by so many. I am only one broken heart among thousands and thousands.

  2. How beautifully said ♥

    Precious HARLEY will always live on in the so very many hearts that love him ♥

    #HarleysDream ♥

  3. Harley was and is my inspiration! He was a fighter,a lover,a best friend,a son(to Rudy and Dan),a Survivor,and one Big Hero to millions! My Own Harley passed to Rainbow Bridge about the same time OUR Harley did and I swear I mourned them both the same.Harley meant so much to so many.I want to give a special thanks to Rudy and Dan for allowing us all to be a part of Harley’s life and adventures! And Thank you for making it easier .The good notes from Harley have helped so much! You were blessed having that little hero Angel in your life,but he was blessed for having you two.

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