Making Up For Lost Time

Harley loved being cradled like a baby!  He loved being held and he loved being carried.  From the moment he was rescued, he craved attention.  Harley would happily let almost anyone hold him, and he would snuggle right in.  After spending 10 years in a cage … Harley had a lot of lost time to make up for!  (and he made sure he did that)

Harley cradle like a baby


  1. I miss you so much little Harley. I would have cuddled with you all the time, and would never want to put you down! <3

  2. Thanks so much for letting all of us who loved Harley so much continue to see a piece of his personal world. He has touched so many hearts. It will be in Harley’s name that hopefully there will be no more puppy mills

  3. As he had every right to ♡ and what no better family to have that with, you 3 were definitely meant to come together. Amazing how he did that so quickly.. so resilient Unforgiving
    such a powerful message if only some people would stop, and listen they could learn so much.♡
    Thank you Harley miss you little guy♡♡

  4. I miss you little buddy! it was such a joy to read what you where up to every day. Please keep the memories come! #HarleysDream. 💖💕💞

  5. I love this picture, he sure was loving and he deserved to be loved and treated like a prince. You and Dan were great parents and he definitely was a mommas boy. I love and miss him. Thank you for sharing this sweet photo and story, I love seeing them and hearing his stories. God Bless you both and Harley!

  6. I cant even begin to imagine what this poor baby went thru in his first 10 years, But he Def lived like a ROCKSTAR for the remainder of his years……..

  7. I will love you eternally Harley!! Forever in my heart and soul little guy. <3 <3

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