Harley’s sister, Cricket

Many people have asked about Harley’s siblings and how they are doing. They are all doing well and I will tell you about each one in individual posts. Tonight will be about Cricket.

Cricket was our first puppy mill dog and our introduction into the puppy mill industry. It was because of her that Dan and I became volunteers for National Mill Dog Rescue. That was 7 1/2 years ago and Cricket is now about 13 years old. Cricket came from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri and this was her story: She only had 1 living pup in her last 2 litters and both were born by cesarean … so Cricket was no longer of value to the breeder. Thank God she was relinquished and not killed.

She still had stitches from her last cesarean when NMDR got her. Our veterinarian referred to her scarring as a “kitchen cesarean”. This means anesthesia was NOT used. She suffered. In fact, Cricket suffered so much that she was extremely terrified of humans, but men in particular. It took 3 years before Dan could walk up to Cricket and pet her. For the longest time it was baby-steps for Cricket and we were very patient. She deserved that.

All these years later Cricket’s favorite person is her dad, Dan. She would live in his lap if it were possible. And she is almost ready to give kisses … almost.

Cricket is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle and submissive little Chihuahua you could ever meet. She always mothered Harley. From the moment she first met him, Cricket took care of him.

Cricket is smart, she can sit, stay, roll over and shake paw. She developed a condition called protein losing enteropathy, which is a serious auto-immune disease and it nearly took Cricket’s life, that was 2 years ago. She is doing well now thanks to a great doctor (Dr. Allison Bradley, who was also Harley’s internist). She gets daily meds and a special diet.

So that’s our Crickey …. we love her dearly. We know she’s experienced a lot of loss in her earlier years and it’s sad to know she is missing her brother right now.


Harley Cricket sleeping (2)


  1. Wow, I will never understand how selfishness and greed from humans which are here to protect and take care of Mother Earth’s creatures, to disrespect and do such horrible things to a living being boggles my mind..
    Cricket is a beautiful girl, I would have never guessed she was 13 such a beautiful color too.
    You two are one of the most wonderful couples in the field of puppy mill volunteers. No question you have always had the heart, compassion, patience, understanding and do whatever it takes and give them the life they so deserved when they were born.
    Thank you ♡

  2. Great story about Cricket. I lost Miss Pennypoo in January at 14 yo. Her two sisters and brother took about a month to get over their loss. Its amazing how thet too grieved. Looking forward to following Harley. I have for a long time. Lynda, Paquita. MISSY and Poncho Pete. From Arizona

  3. she is a little love thank you for finding her and giving her the love she needed and that was so sweet she mothered harley <3 love to you all

  4. Dear Sweet Crickie
    Sleep snug tonight. Harley is watching over you. You are well loved.
    Kisses from Auntie Wynn

  5. Love you Cricket.sleep well Harley will always be with us.love y’all.<3

  6. Thank you for letting us know about Harley’s siblings. I know how my pets have grieved over the loss of a sibling, and sometimes a foster who was here only a couple of months. Thank you for saving Cricket and letting her learn to trust in goodness.

  7. What a sweet pretty girl, Cricket. It hurts me to know how much you suffered in your life. So wonderful that you now have a loving family and home. I know you are missing your sweet brother and wonder where he has gone. Always know he is by your side forever…your own Guardian Angel. I love you and wish I could see how smart you are and watch your tricks in person. Sending love and belly rubs. ❤️

  8. ..to the special souls who show us the way to true compassion..♥

    Rudi and Dan, you are two of those “special souls”…

    As are all involved in National Mill Dog Rescue..

    Sweet Cricket is an angel on earth…

    bringing joy, teaching lessons, showing humans what tenacity and unconditional love is..

    Her precious brother Harley sweetly holds her under his wings ♥


  9. Cricket is adorable-thank you for doing all that you do for all these sweet doggies

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  10. Cricket is beautiful,, I love that she mothered Harley and is a sweet gentle spirit. Thank you for rescuing her, caring for her, and living her so❤️

  11. She is so precious. Her coat is so pretty. I’m so happy that she has you and Dan for her mom and dad. It’s unfortunate that she lived her first years in a puppy mill but she’s now free from all the misery. Bless you.

  12. I m so sorry lil girl…. my heart aches for your past… I’m so thankful you have seen the other side … the side of empathy, kindness and love. Sending you healing heart energy .. go ahead .. “and kiss the boy”. ❤️

  13. There are not enough words to express the anger I feel towards these puppy mills. My rescues have experienced awful things as well.
    Thank you for loving her and all your rescues as do I and my wonderful husband do.
    We must keep spreading the word about puppy mills and keep on saving dogs❤️❤️❤️

  14. Thank you for this sweet information about Cricket. So heart wrenching. But a beautiful ending. I cant fathom how someone could hurt another defense less living thing. But god put her in the perfect home now. Hope you and Dan are doing better. Big hugs.xoxo me & Kaze

  15. Poor girl it took a year and half before I could pet my mill puppy Skittles. She still doesn’t like being picked up but she will sit next to me if she can be under a blanket. I have had her for 9 years but I never knew how bad puppy mills were until I started following Harley. I want to say thank you because I understand now what my poor baby went through.


  17. I couldnt even finish the story until i stopped crying and screaming to my husband … what kind of person does this. He said very mean people who dont care about anything but money (the G rated version). I wish i knew how to advocate more against puppy mills. I share Harleys posts, elenor, harley jr.. but its just not enough.. i need to help more..somehow

  18. Thank you, it is nice to know more about Cricket, unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you wish to look at it, you and yours have become public property. The price of fame I guess. I find myself totally immersed in the lives of your babies and love hearing about them. Once again thank you for sharing your family with us. Harley’s role meant he needed to be in the public eye all the time that was his job to educate us about puppy mills and work towards putting an end to them. He was a little Hero.

  19. Cricket you had such a hard start in life. I’m sorry you had to suffer. You’ve had the best parents a dog could ask for. I’m sorry you lost Harley. He was the best brother ever. You’re so Adorable.

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