Dr. Marie and Harley

Dr. Marie Bartling, DVM (of Animal Care Center of Castle Pines) was Harley’s chiropractor and we truly cannot say enough great things about her. She was a very special person in Harley’s life … and Harley was a very special dog in hers.

Harley and Dr Marie 3-15-16 (1)Harley and Dr Marie 3-15-16 (2)Harley and Dr Marie 3-15-16 (3)Harley and Dr Marie (3)Harley and Dr Marie (4)


  1. Thank you for the loving care you gave this boy. As the wife of a Chiropractor I know the efficacy of Chiropractic treatments for both humans and our animal friends. ❤️

  2. you can tell Harley really likes her – thanks to Dr. Marie Bartling, DVM for taking care of our hero dog #HarleysDream

  3. Thank you so much for loving and taking care of our little hero!!! You’re awesome!! 🙂

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