1. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

    So loved forever are you, precious Harley ♥♥


  2. There are good ppl Harley. A lot of animal lovers that want to help those animals in need. I hate to see any animal abused. I’m very outspoken on my views on it. I don’t like to see dogs chained up. Harley you let the world see the horrors of puppy mills. Mom & Dad will continue with your campaign to end those torture chambers as I call them. Many ppl want these places shut down for good. They should be illegal!! On with the fight Harley!! #HarleysDream

  3. i would like this post but I can’t remember my password – LOL – but I do like it and Harley has made me a better person as well

  4. Awe, Harley taught us all about how goodness, love and kindness do exist. Harley always managed to make my tough days better whenever I saw a post or one of his videos days like today make it hard so I go and look at his page and smile i sure miss him too!!!!!

  5. A light shines from all of you so we could see all the good people in the world that we couldn’t see before. Thank YOU!!!

  6. Thank God for all of you who have been a part of Harley’s life!! Especially Rudi and Dan for adopting him and NMDR for making this adoption possible and to all and any others involved in uniting these helpless dogs with people who will love them unconditionally!! When I look at them I see pure 100% love and a need to be loved…. Amen

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