I miss taking you places

I sure miss our daily trips to the post office, Harley. I miss taking you places, I miss telling people about you and puppy mills. You always loved being carried and I loved carrying you. My arm feels so empty. My heart feels so empty. I sure miss you.

Love, Dad

Harley in dad's arms


  1. I can’t imagine losing my little buddy, Jose Cuervo. Never wanted a chihuahua but my wife did, and he ended up being attached to me so we tend to go everywhere together. They say time heals wounds, but sometimes I think that doesn’t hold true.

  2. I can understand how much you miss this sweet loving boy <3 I love seeing his lil face <3

  3. I’ve cried so many tears over Harley. A little dog I never met but loved him and his pal Teddy so much. I hate to think what I will do when anything happens to my little girl. She is all I have in the world.

  4. Dan, I know you miss Harley so deeply. Harley was a son to you and Rudi. Losing Harley is beyond heartbreaking and I feel your sorrows and heartaches. Harley was truly a very special, magical and one of a kind God’s creature. He touched people’s lives in a very positive and inspiring ways. Thank you so much for sharing Harley’s life’s journey with all of us. I’ve never had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet Harley earlier on and I really wished I did. Harley was a big part of my life every day since I started following him on social media from morning till nights and every travel adventures and rescues, and whenever Harley was on news media, it was the best news of the day for me.
    Harley will always be remain in our hearts forever. I miss you so much, Harley.

  5. My heart goes out to you & I can not stop crying knowing how empty you ate feeling. Bless you for being such a loving Dad to Harley.

  6. So sorry Dan for your hurt. He was the best of dogs and I miss his stories every day. Thank you for continuing to talk to us. <3

  7. I miss him so much but know it can in no way compare to the pain and loss you and Rudi are feeling. God bless you both and thank you both for continuing to share that darling little dog with his big dream.💜💜💜

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