Harley and Teddy, Best Buddies Forever

Harley and Teddy were truly best buddies. The first time they met, it was as if they’d always been together. It was so fun to travel on rescues with “the boys” because they got along so well. And Teddy was protective of Harley … it was cute, they really loved one another!

Teddy’s mom and I started “Harley to the Rescue” together. Teddy was just as important to the campaign as Harley was, but he was seldom in the spotlight because he is kind of shy. But Teddy was Harley’s sidekick from day one, and in many ways he was Harley’s guide. I know Teddy is sad and feeling lost right now, but he has a wonderful mom and dad to love and take care of him. He also has his girlfriend, Gwinnie, to keep him company … they were rescued together and are very close.

Things will never be the same … but in Harley’s honor, please know that Teddy, his parents, and Dan and I will never give up. Someday “Harley to the Rescue” WILL ride again.

Harley and Teddy


  1. Always in my heart…♥

    and I so love reading your blog, sweet Harley♥…
    It comforts me.

    Your precious tenacious spirit comes through the words and love of your mom and dad ♥…
    and of course, your BFF dear Teddy ♥..

    Kiss the stars, angel dog ♥

  2. Thank you Teddy for being Harley’s buddy! You both have done so much to rescue the puppy mill dogs! Love you!

    • Little Teddy just know that Harley is watching over you and is always by your side.

  3. Teddy, Harley will always be watching over you…He will always be your best buddy. .We will all help in shutting down puppy mills so Harleys Dream become a reality.. No more puppy mills. ..

  4. Teddy and Harley are joined at the heart.These two puppies are as one. So glad Teddy has Gwinnie to help the loss of his best mate.

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