Harley’s Paw Print

Leaving Harley’s tiny body to be cremated was so terribly difficult. We kissed his little head and I rubbed his soft ears (he loved that). He looked so sweet and so peaceful. And we cried and we cried.

Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium took wonderful care and we are grateful for that. They made this plaster heart of Harley’s paw print for us.

We realize that Harley’s spirit is now running free but it’s so very hard to accept the reality that we can no longer hold our special little boy anymore.

Harley's Paw Print


  1. I just miss him. Think how many do. Thank you for sharing him.



  2. He touched so many hearts – we all felt like we knew him. I can’t wrap my head around him being gone, either.

  3. I’m so sorry for the pain you both must be feeling😥 Run free sweet Harley❤️

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you are going through. I love the plaster of Harley’s paw print I know his spirit is with all of us who loved him; even though I never had the chance to meet Harley, he was my hero and he always made me smile. I will miss him very much. Thank you for bringing this something special into my life, I hope I can make him proud by continuing to spread the word about puppy mills and saving God’s creatures.

  5. Rudi and Dan God bless you both. I feel in my heart our little buddy held on and stayed with us until he reached his “gotcha” date. And then he knew it was okay for him to let go and Cross the Rainbow Bridge
    Praying for you both that God will help heal your hearts as well as for the thousands and thousands and thousands of people that loved your little guy so much

  6. My heart broke as I read of Harley’s passing .. I had never had the pleasure to meet this hero, but I looked forward to his daily pictures on Twitter.
    RIP, sweet Harley!

  7. Thank you both for sharing Harley with us and the world. I will never forget him!

  8. I can only imagine how hard it is to lose a loved one – I praise you for the dignity and love that you gave to Harley

  9. ..*tears*…
    ..run forever free, precious heart ♥…
    ..although I never got to hold you in my arms, I will hold you in my heart always, sweet HARLEY ♥
    ..your precious humans, Rudi and Dan, miss you so very much…
    ..but the missing is the great huge love..
    ..how I know that feeling..
    ..and I send hugs…
    ..and love..

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