Harley was demanding, but we loved it

This video was made only 2 1/2 weeks before Harley passed. He was strong and he was happy, and he was very demanding. Dan and I were his servants, and we loved the job. In this video Harley didn’t want to walk on the slippery floor, so he was asking us to carry him over it. He called on us for everything … and we jumped. He was funny, he always made us laugh. Taking care of Harley was a joy. We miss this job so much.


    • what a love that is so sweet but what else would we expect from that little prince ❤ God Gained a beautiful angel and must be totally loving him ❤


  1. ..holding you forever in my heart, precious HARLEY ♥ ♥
    ..so missed..
    ..so loved..
    ..your important life-saving work will go on..
    ..rest softly in the stars, sweet boy ♥ ♥


  2. Demanding with such love, you are forever in my heart. The day will come and will meet you.
    You have done so much, your big dream will continue. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Taylor for sharing Harley with us, our prayers are with you through this time..


  3. My Hoss is the same way! We used to live in a place with carpet throughout the house and Hoss walked around, sometimes chasing the cats. Now that we live in a place with fake hardwood floors he has no traction and slips and refuses to walk. So we carry him around the house. He still yells at the cats who continue to run indoors, but does so from the comfort of the giant dog bed (futon cushion) in the living room. They are so funny to watch aren’t they?


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