I’m no spring chicken anymore

There’s been some things happening lately that I’m not really thrilled about. My doctors say I’m no spring chicken. They do, however, always mention how tough I am. Heck, I’m the strongest-willed little dog they’ve ever seen! For some reason I’ve started having seizures. They come and go really quickly, but they scare me and confuse me. I assure you that I’m getting the very best care. My doctors are all top notch. I’m sure it’s just a simple short circuit in my brain, and nothing to worry about. But because you, my friends, are so important to me, I wanted to let you know.

Let’s be honest here … I’m turning 15 years old on Friday and the first 10 of those years were pretty rough on me physically. I don’t know how much time I have left, none of us do. Please don’t waste your energy worrying about me, but instead use that energy to help my dream (our dream) come true.

I know a lot of you call me your hero … but can you do me a favor and become one of my heroes? I’ll have more details about how you do this (and about my health) soon.

This picture below of me was taken just this morning. I’m lookin’ pretty good, huh?

Love, Harley
“A Little Dog with a Big Dream”

Harley at cabin


  1. Harley Dog, So good to hear from you. I am off Facebook and seeing your sweet face every day was one of the highlights of my day. I know change is hard at times. You are a brave boy and inspire courage in others. Thank you for all the work you continue doing to help innocent creatures. Love you so much!


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  2. Harley Dear, Laurie Here; Getting older is not for sissy’s! Hang in there; knowing that you, and your mission, are the Will of the One creator of all, allows us to keep faith in His (and your) work. He wants us to care for each other…your heart beats pure love.

  3. You will always be my hero. You have lived a purposeful life. When your journey ends I know your family will continue your fight for those with no voice. Your soul will always shine on us.

  4. Holding you in my heart, precious HARLEY ♥..
    Sending love and light..
    always ♥

  5. Happy almost gotcha day, dear Harley!! Sweet Magic Man, I have no doubt that you and your folks have the power to make your dream come true – just look at how much you have accomplished already!

    All my love, always. <3


  6. I love you Sweet Harley and will pray that these seizures are just a small bump in the road for you…..Keep up all the good work and know you make me smile…. LOVE YA!!!!!

  7. Prayers for you and your family, Harley, although I have never met you, I adopted a mill survivor and an old dog that was shot and thrown away, because of your message, love them so very much. I love you too Harley, I hope they can get your seizures under control.

  8. Oh, Harley – you are in my thoughts just as you have been in my heart. You fill them

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