Puppy Mill Cages

The USDA uses a formula to determine the minimum cage size for each dog at a USDA-licensed facility (PUPPY MILL). To meet Animal Welfare Act standards, all dogs, no matter what breed or size, must have a cage size that is six inches wider and 6″ longer than the width and length of the dog – and they are allowed to spend their entire life that way. No running, no jumping, no playing, no love. Sad, but true.

Harley USDA


  1. This is a terrible law. Try putting USDA “humans” in a cage only 6″ wider & longer than they are & see if that helps them change the laws.


  2. The usda sucks, I suggest these people spend their lives in a cage that meets these requirements for their size. Heartless cruel sob. The usda and amish must have some kind of cruel pact, which is make life as misersble as possible for these dogs


  3. Find out who your Congressmen/women are and, diplomatically, try to educate them about puppy mills, animal experimentation, and the need for more transparency in the pet store businesses. I’d like to believe that a very large percentage of the people who want to buy those cute little puppies at pets stores, would no longer be interested in purchasing the puppy, knowing their money will be going to support the neglect and abuse at these dog “farms,” and almost guaranteeing the adorable puppy they wanted to purchase is most certainly going to come with a whole host of health problems.


  4. Abuse. Completely horrible rotten abuse. Anybody that can do this to any animal is a heartless evil beast. Laws should put those people in one big cage all together and let rats eat them all. Not a loving human being of god. Satan’s beasts!!! For gods love is within the animal’s.


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