1. We love you to pieces Harley… Say hello to our new little girls, Lani and Mikki. Their Mom had a stroke and the family was going to have to put them in foster homes and hope for the best. But, we got there first!

    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 14:59:33 +0000 To: cas1708@hotmail.com


  2. What a perfect sentiment, dear precious (major dog hero) ♥HARLEY♥..
    I voted for you every day…
    I love you bunches from MN…
    And you improve the world just by your very existence, sweet ♥HARLEY♥..
    So please, enjoy the day ☺


  3. I was lucky to meet and hold Harley when he was in DC last year to speak to congress about the horrors of puppy mills.. Harley was so dear.. I kissed him on the head!!!


  4. National Mill Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization.. they have saved over 10,000 dogs from puppy mills! Please check out Harley and NMDR on facebook.. Consider sending a donation.. It will b well spent.. thank you


  5. Harley you should enjoy your life and the world you have had a hard enough life already. Enjoy the sunlight and the small things in life can bring you joy, tell your mum/dad to start the day with a chew treat, we start ours with a milko stick and a sun bath followed by a play session


  6. Good morning and afternoon and good night sweet dreams and hope you conquered the world ❤ your a amazing little guy ❤ bless you ❤


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