1. We love you to pieces Harley… Say hello to our new little girls, Lani and Mikki. Their Mom had a stroke and the family was going to have to put them in foster homes and hope for the best. But, we got there first!

    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 14:59:33 +0000 To: cas1708@hotmail.com

  2. What a perfect sentiment, dear precious (major dog hero) ♥HARLEY♥..
    I voted for you every day…
    I love you bunches from MN…
    And you improve the world just by your very existence, sweet ♥HARLEY♥..
    So please, enjoy the day ☺

  3. I was lucky to meet and hold Harley when he was in DC last year to speak to congress about the horrors of puppy mills.. Harley was so dear.. I kissed him on the head!!!

  4. National Mill Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization.. they have saved over 10,000 dogs from puppy mills! Please check out Harley and NMDR on facebook.. Consider sending a donation.. It will b well spent.. thank you

  5. Harley you should enjoy your life and the world you have had a hard enough life already. Enjoy the sunlight and the small things in life can bring you joy, tell your mum/dad to start the day with a chew treat, we start ours with a milko stick and a sun bath followed by a play session

  6. Harley you have changed this Country working to close puppy mills! You are my hero little man.

  7. Good morning and afternoon and good night sweet dreams and hope you conquered the world <3 your a amazing little guy <3 bless you <3

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